(*21*) notes- Ohio State DC on preparing for Notre Dame’s first-time starting QB

(*30*)Ohio State defensive coordinator Jim (*21*) met with the media Tuesday afternoon as the No. 2 Buckeyes prepare to play No. 5 Notre Dame at Ohio Stadium on Saturday (7-30 p.m. ET; ABC). One interesting aspect of (*21*)’ preparations for the Fighting Irish is they will be trotting out a first-year starting quarterback in sophomore Tyler Buchner. As ND’s backup QB as a true freshman in 2021, Buchner threw for 298 yards (21-of-35) with three touchdowns and three interceptions. The 6-foot-1, 215-pound Buchner is a dual-threat quarterback and he rushed for 336 yards (7.3 yards per carry) and three TDs last season. 

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(*30*)Bucknuts asked (*21*) what challenges it presents when there is not much game film to study on the opposing quarterback. Obviously, (*21*) and his staff have watched every snap Buchner played last season, but those were in mop-up time and even then he didn’t get a lot of game reps. Does (*21*) even go back to Buchner’s high school film to gather more information on the former 4-star prospect?

(*30*)(*6*) (*21*) said. (*2*)

(*30*)Later, (*21*) was asked if he’s always been aware during his career as a defensive coordinator when he’s facing a first-time starting quarterback, and whether that gives (*21*)’ defense an advantage.

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(*30*)(*5*) he said. (*4*)

(*30*)Managing Mayer

(*30*)Notre Dame has perhaps the best tight end in college football in third-year player Michael Mayer. (*21*) was asked how he plans on trying to contain the 6-foot-5, 251-pound Mayer.

(*30*)“You have to mix it up,” (*21*) said. “You have to blend in different coverages and people who are on him coming from different directions. He’s an excellent player. He’s a NFL player. He has that ability to lean into the coverage and find the open spot.


(*30*)‘100 percent ready’

(*30*)(*21*) has a quiet confidence about him and almost under his breath he mentioned Ohio State’s defense is “100 percent ready” for the 2022 season. Why does he feel that way?

(*30*)”Because we’ve put them through the crucible,” (*21*) said. “We go against the best offense in the country every day. We’ve pushed and prodded and poked and tried to stretch them as far as they could go. So, wherever they’re at right now, it’s 100 percent. And that’s why I dial my game plan into. 

(*30*)”So, yeah, I’m confident.”

(*30*)(*21*) video


(*30*)For much more from (*21*), we highly recommend you watching his entire press conference with the media, which is embedded directly above this sentence.

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