Kundali Bhagya today episode 25 August 2022 written update: Prithvi comes to know about Arjun

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Arjun enters his role. Here Prithvi hides behind the table. As soon as Arjuna enters, the earth moves from the opposite side. but he is seen by the guards. Arjun asked the soldiers to throw the man. Prithvi says he knows about the matter with Raja. Arjun gets embarrassed hearing this. He asks the guards to leave them. On the other hand, Preeta is walking in the hall when she sees that she has a scarf. Ganesh comes to her and says Rishabh’s tiffin is ready.

Preeta asks Ganesh to give her tiffin as she will give it to Rishabh. Ganesh agrees and asks him to give the cloth as it is Arjuna’s own. The priest is astonished to hear this, and asks him what he is doing with the cloth there. She further asks him how he is going to give it to her. Ganesh replies that he is keenly aware that Arjun’s role may become close to his own.

Preeta thinks she doesn’t even want to see his face and doesn’t want to keep anything in the house. He takes the handkerchief and tells her that he will give it to her. In the next scene, Arjun sits with Prithvi and asks him about the king. Prithvi says that he will ask her that he knows about her and that he knows how she made the connection with the lie and it should end. Prithvi still says that he knows about Raja and the off-time incident.

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Arjuna remembers the moment he gave money to Vishnu…

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