Ladakh standoff India China tension ends after 28 months PP15 India and China troop withdrawal begins China – India China pressure ends after 28 months! From PP-15 Indian and Chinese troop withdrawal begins

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  • The return of troops started
  • Announcement of the first troop withdrawal process from the SCO summit
  • Both countries have 50,000 to 60,000 troops in the LAC

Ladakh Standoff- Nepepe confirmed on Friday that earlier Lalakh had started the process of evacuating Chinese and Indian Army troops from ‘Trolling Point 15’ in the ‘Gogra-Hotsprings’ region in a ‘coordinated and deployed manner’. Earlier, the Indian and Chinese troops, who had moved ahead with orders to end the more than two-year standoff in Ladakh, announced on Thursday that they would begin the process of returning the bulls from ‘Patrolling Point 15’ in the Gogra-Hotsprings area. paid tax India has been constantly saying that maintaining peace across the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is important for the overall development of bilateral relations. 16 visits of Commander-in-Chief level talks between the two armies to resolve the impasse.

Banibl on the 16th visit of the China-India Core Commander Level Key Meeting

A press release from the Chinese Ministry of Defense on Friday said, “On the 16th visit of the China-India Core Commander Level Meeting, Bani Black has started the coordinated and systematic withdrawal of Chinese and Indian troops from the Jian Dabon area, which borders on September 8, 2022.” It is good for the peace of the region. ‘Patrolling Point-15’ is, as the Indian press described it on Thursday. It is a joint statement, but different names are mentioned on both sides.

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The army of both countries and the rear hoti

“According to Bani Black during the 16th visit of India-China Core Commander level meeting, on 8 September 2022 Kogra-Hotsprings (PP-15) area and Chinese troops,” said a joint statement on Guruvar night by Delhi’s Press Information Bureau (PIB). “Start moving back from integrated and integrated approach, which is good for Indian peace and stability along the border”.

Announcement of the first troop withdrawal process from the SCO summit

Say the withdrawal process was announced about a week before the major conference of the Support Organization (SCO) in Uzbek Pakistan. In the conference P.M. Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping will be included. Both parties may meet. However, it did not grant any permission to either party. Both armies said in a joint statement that the 16th tour had high-powered talks at the start of the withdrawal process.

The return of troops started

Based on continuous sources, the withdrawal of troops from ‘Patrolling Point 15’ (PP-15) began on Thursday morning and the local commanders of both sides are working on the so-called Tarikond. The tour’s core commander-in-chief spoke at 16 times, the land commanders from both sides spoke out on the barracks in the process of retreating. Sources said Bharat Debsang and Demchke will be under pressure to resolve a few points in the talks.

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Last year there was a return of troops from the north and south seas of Pangong Lake

After many military visits and diplomatic talks, both sides responded to Pang Lake last year and completed the withdrawal process from the military in the south. The return of troops and equipment from Patrolling Point’ 17 (A) area in February last year took place in August last year. Salh Bhuvan’s military message Jaishankar was 10 days later to the child from Bali symbolizing your sign.

Ladakh’s border standoff began on May 5, 2020 following violent storms in the Pangong Jheel region. Two thousand soldiers of both sides also pointed out heavy weapons at the same time. Both sides deploy 50,00 to 60,000 troops on each LAC.


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