Lillete Dubey reveals the reality check given by her mother-in-law at the age of 24

Lilletus Dubey he is again in another avatar of the invisible. This season she plays a maternity coach who guides women through pregnancy, childbirth and childbirth in a short film. The actress says she doesn’t get to play this character very often. Talking about the film starring Shreya Dhanwantri as pregnant, Lillet also shared her life experiences of becoming a mother at the age of 24 and how to find your way through motherhood. Read also; Shreya Dhanwantri playing a pregnant woman in the short film Janma- ‘Jupiter is in the buzz surrounding pregnancy’


In an interview with Hindustan Times, Lillet revealed how like other new moms, she was overwhelmed by her first baby and wanted it to grow up so fast. She also stated that neither a mother is perfect nor a child is perfect.

Liller describes childbirth as such an important moment in a woman’s life that it changes her life forever. The actor says about welcoming his first child, “When I had my first child, my daughter Neha was only 10 years old, and I remembered my mother-in-law helping me in those days. I was a new mother, so overwhelmed, I said to him- Oh my God, I’m waiting for her to turn ten so that I can get my life back, I’ll get back on track, I’ll start a theater company. . ‘. She just laughed and laughed and said, ‘Do you think mother’s day is over! As long as you are alive, you have taken this responsibility for the rest of your life. You will be worried…

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