Link Tank: CGC Trading Cards is Now Grading Marvel Cards

CGC is now expanding into grading Marvel trading cards.

“‘Avengers, assemble!’ CGC Trading Cards is ready to grade your Marvel Card collection. Collectors have been eagerly awaiting the day when CGC Trading Card™ will begin accepting Marvel Cards, and that day has arrived. CGC Trading Cards is thrilled to announce that Marvel Cards Now Eligible for Grading! The first lucky Marvel card to be graded is the legendary and elusive Spider-Man Redemption Autograph Card from the 1998 Marvel Creator’s Collection Set. The card is signed by Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee and features world-renowned penciller and writer, Artwork and signature by Mike Wiringo.The card is graded CGC Mint 9, with sub-grades of 9 for centering, 9.5 for surface, 9.5 for corners, and 9 for edges.

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Hold on, the sleepy sickness in The Sandman Was it really a real thing?

“In Neil Gaiman The Sandman, Morpheus, the god of dreams, was imprisoned in 1916 by a sorcerer hoping to bring his son back from the dead. When Morpheus is held prisoner and prevented from attending to the dreams of living things, a strange illness spreads across the world: the Sleepy Sickness. In the Netflix series, people suffering from sleepy sickness simply fall asleep and never wake up. In the original comics, they suffer from a variety of symptoms, including awareness and psychosis. But when The Sandman A fiction, sleeping sickness was a real historical event.”

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a Bioshock The movie has been in development for what seems like forever, but the project just took a big step forward.

“Where many have tried and failed, the man behind The Hunger Games Will give it another shot once again. Francis Lawrence, director of the last four The Hunger Games Films, including the upcoming prequel, has been signed on to direct the adaptation of the popular sci-fi horror game. Bioshock For Netflix.”

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The Walking Dead And Supernatural Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has joined the cast Boys Season 4 in an unknown role.

“Prime Video’s hit series Boys added SupernaturalJenson Ackles to cast in his most recent season will satirize the dark superhero Supernatural Reunion – Since Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke is also the showrunner Boys-but fans were quick to point out that a Supernatural A reunion is not Supernatural A reunion without even getting Jared Padalecki. Fans will still have to wait to see if that ever happens, but how about Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a consolation prize?

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Sometimes things don’t age well, and vintage Nintendo unboxing shows that.

“Eric Voskuil, who runs amazing Before Mario (and wrote an excellent book of the same name), has one of the world’s best collections of Nintendo content. Recently, however, he managed to acquire something special even by his standards: some Nintendo packets from the 1950s, featuring the company’s hometown of Kyoto.

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The Umbrella Academy It has been renewed for a 4th and final season on Netflix.

The Umbrella Academy has been renewed for a fourth and final season on Netflix. The superhero drama series’ renewal comes just one month after its season three premiere, which debuted at No. 1 in the streamer’s English-language TV weekly rankings with 124.5 million hours watched.”

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