Link Tank: Stream Godzilla, Ghostbusters Doc, Salvage Marines And More For Free on Popcornflix

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Ahead of the release of the long-awaited sequel, Avatar Remastered in 4K will be re-released theatrically.

“Audiences have been waiting a long time to see James Cameron’s sequel Avatar Time has returned to itself and the original film is coming out again. After a decade of preparation and production, that sequel, Avatar: The Path of Water, Finally releasing on December 16. Despite its predecessor being the highest-grossing film in history at nearly $3 billion worldwide, Fox and its new owners Disney feel moviegoers need a refresher (probably a good idea, actually). That’s why the original 2009 mega-hit is coming back to theaters for two weeks starting September 23, and here’s a new trailer for the old movie. Which, normally, we’d ignore but damned if this isn’t still the best trailer yet.”

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Kenny Loggins, the king of movie soundtracks, recalls his memories Top Gun, Footlooseand more.

“Few artists who could challenge Kenny Loggins for the (admittedly unofficial) title of King of the Movie Soundtrack — in the 1980s, anyway. Delivered chart-topping songs for Loggins Caddyshake, FootlooseAnd Top GunAnd even films that haven’t aged so well, viz at the topAnd Caddyshack II. Even for films that don’t last vividly, songs are loved ‘I’m fine,’ ‘Footloose,’ ‘Playing with the boys,’ And ‘No Fool’ They became the canonical standards of the era, instantly conjuring up memories for moviegoers that stretch long beyond the confines of the screen.”

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