Looking to watch something full of romance-comedy? Watch this Chinese web series in Hindi in a short time.

If you want to watch movies and web series, there is a great web series for you on OTT. The language is Chinese, but you can easily watch it in Hindi. The popularity of this show in India can be attributed to the fact that it is available not only in Hindi but also in Tamil language for the people of the Southern Belt. And the most important thing is that you don’t even have to take a signature. You can watch this for free. Suspense and romance in this show. Once you start looking at it, you will be able to see everything easily. Let us tell you the details of this web site.

The name of this series is popular in China – my girlfriend is a stranger. This year 2019. It starred Wan Peng, Thassapak Hsu and Wang Te. From that show he dominated the youth. Since its popularity, the Indian language has been called as Hindi and Tamil.

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This is a narrative web series

My girlfriend is a stranger series

You can watch this web series in Hindi

The Story of My Girlfriend is Alien is a web series full of suspense and romance. A girl (Jyoki) who is an alien from her planet comes to Earth. It cannot be returned for any reason. He needs the blue stone to return home. That is with the boy (Fang Leng) who had an accident and saved the girl’s life. It is not good with this boy. Jayoki is very innocent and cute. Leng’s teeth were equally rough. Let the two meet for the first time. Then begins the struggle of the sweet grape. Later, love also thrives and there are many thorns in the path of love. You will have all the spices in it.

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how many episodes and where to watch the show?

My friend is a stranger

This show is available for free

The first season of My Girlfriend Is A Stranger has a total of 28 episodes. Each event is 40 to 45 minutes. So when you have time, just sit and watch it. Because once you’ve watched episode 1-2, you won’t be able to stop and watch all the episodes back to back. So you can watch this show comfortably on weekends.

Looking to watch something full of romance-comedy? Watch this Chinese web series in Hindi in a short time.Web Series- This series explores the relationship between lust and deception
when he comes the second time


After the first season was so popular, now the second season of “My girlfriend is a stranger” is also coming. It has been reported that its shooting is complete and it can be released in September. So what’s the delay, before the second season comes, watch the first series of this season.

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