Many soldiers have been killed in the UN war-like situation in Yemen.

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Yemen War


  • The ceasefire came into force on 2 April
  • The Houthis are preparing for the health of the Presidential Council
  • His plan is drawn up with the Islami Isla Party

Yemen War- A settlement has also been brokered by the joint nation at a time when Yemen’s various partnerships are embroiled in population strife, formed by terrorist organizations against pro-government southern troops. In the southern province of Abayan, a large ambush was carried out by terrorists from the Yaman-based al-Ain branch, and a patrol led by security forces in Ahwar’s southern district identified a patrol.

A local official, Nengal Mangalwa, told news agency Shinoa that “all-law terrorists used powerful weapons in the melee and we have at least 21 soldiers killed and others injured from different sides for southern security.”

Maria, a sniper of the Houthi rebel militia, was shot down

He said, by the soldiers investigating the area, we responded immediately and started clashing with the terrorists, killing eight. Conduct an evacuation operation. In a separate incident, a high-ranking army commander of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) was killed by a sniper from Iran’s Houthi rebel militia in the neighboring southern province of Lahj.
An STK official based in Adan said, “There is al-Shawahi, commander of the 4th division army, to observe your force on the front line of Yafia, while a Houthi sniper made their mark with your guard.”

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Terrorist attack on security forces
“We firmly believe in attacking our forces in the south, and we will not stop our struggle against the terrorist opposition, including persistent elements from the Houthis and the Brotherhood.” The ongoing ceasefire was renewed on 2 April and 2 June, and again on 2 August for 60 days and extended. Although the ceasefire remains in place, the security zone in southern Yemen has seen an increase in terrorist attacks, with Saudi Arabia’s newly formed Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) beginning to consider the military.

The President is working to ensure the security of the Council
Yemen’s presidential council is now undergoing a detailed series of tough political and security elections, fighting terrorism, Iran’s Houthi militias, and the Arab world’s worst country, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Sensla Party. Rebellion included. A Yemeni government official wrote to Ne Sinuake that “the statist leadership and Iran based their plans on Isla to ensure the security of the President’s Council of Pakistan-Hathians and end all international efforts aimed at achieving lasting peace in the country.”

What is the expedition ‘Eros of the East?
Last month, a major counter-terrorism operation code-named ‘Arrows of the East’ was announced in Abyan to counter the newly-recruited forces located in the South. We hold many high-profile attacks against security forces in the southern provinces. AQAP has backed years of conflict between the Yemeni government and Houthi militias to expand its roots in the Tabah Arab country since the war.

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