Meet Aussie Shark Tank Investor Janine Allis’s Husband Jeff Allis And Comparison Of Their Net Worth And Age Disparity

Meet Jeff Allis, husband of Aussie Shark Tank investor Janine Allis and compare their net worth and age difference


Australian investor Janine Allis became well known after appearing on Australian Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice Australia and Shark Tank.

The largest and fastest growing network of juice and smoothie shops in the Southern Hemisphere was founded by Janine and her husband Jeff. After developing the idea for their product in 2000, they spent a year visiting various similar companies in the US before launching it.

There are currently 13 Boost Juice stores worldwide, with the first opening in Adelaide, South Australia.

He is recognized for founding well-known Australian fast food businesses such as Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill and Chibo Espresso. He has had a varied professional history, but is best known for his role in the hit television show Shark Tank.

His wife, Jeff, is a well-known figure, as is Janine. At Austereo, Australia’s largest radio network, he was in charge of programming.

He soon realized that the media battle involved millions of dollars in advertising revenue for every ratings point, not to mention that he had control over everything that aired on the Today and Triple M networks.

Jeff Allis
Jeff Allis

Steve Allis, husband of Aussie Shark Tank investor Janine Allis, income comparison

According to IdolNetworth, Australian businesswoman Janine Allis has a net worth of over $75 million.

He earns most of his money through his various business ventures. His wife Jeff is worth more than $50 million in total. As for their joint earnings, Janine is rich and has various sources including her work in several TV series.

Janine owns four businesses, including a well-known retail zoo operating in domestic and overseas markets. The combined companies are projected to generate more than $2 billion in revenue. She seized the opportunity when Born Capital invested in the business and sold it, making a substantial profit.

Despite this, she and her husband still own a large amount of the company’s stock. According to their predictions, the company is growing and the revenue will increase soon.

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Boost Juice owners, Janine and Jeff Allis, sold their Toorak estate in 2019 for approximately $20 million following an appraisal. No one knew that the sale price of the house was $20 million to $22 million when it was listed.

After being inspired by the shops in the same location during a trip to the US the previous year, Jeff Allis and his wife Janine co-founded Boost Juice, the largest and fastest growing network of juice and smoothie shops in the Southern Hemisphere in 2000.

Jeff was then in charge of programming at Stereo, Australia’s largest radio network. Eventually he was responsible for everything that aired on the Today and Triple M networks, and he quickly realized that it was a media war where every ratings point was tied to millions of dollars in ad revenue.

Finding the best talent to deliver the tactic was the task at hand. He worked and worked with Eddie McGuire, Mick Molloy, Andrew Denton and many other famous radio personalities throughout his tenure. He gave Hamish and Andy their big break and brought Kyle Sandilands from the bush to town.

Because of his reputation for his rate-or-die approach to radio, it’s safe to say that Jeff’s peak period will always be a very short six years! Fortunately, even though he only knew Janine for seven days, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Through the combined efforts of these two highly imaginative entrepreneurs, Boost was eventually created.

They are polar opposites, but anyone who knows them can attest to their mutual appreciation for each other’s talents. On this basis, Jeff was responsible for Boost’s marketing and business strategy, while Janine was Superwoman. Together, they have effectively built a concept into a well-known multi-million dollar brand in the Australian market.

After eight years in charge, Janine decided to focus on Boost’s international expansion, and Jeff left radio in 2007 to take up the role of CEO. If Boost is Janine’s child, Retail Zoo is Jeff’s; He built Boost Juice from a one-brand operation to an international company with multiple retail brands. Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill, which went from four locations to more than 60, was their first acquisition. Cibo Espresso was added in 2012. Boost, Salsa’s, Cibo and Hatch are four brands Retail Zoo now carries in more than 400 stores in more than ten countries.

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Allis of John
Allis of John

Today, Jeff is frequently asked about Boost Juice’s path to success and growth and what it takes to build a multi-million dollar franchise business.

With Jeff and Janine Allis as shareholders, Bain Capital, co-founded by former US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, acquired a 70% stake in The Retail Zoo in May 2014 for approximately $185 million. Jeff will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board, and Janine Allis will continue as Managing Director.
Australian entrepreneur Janine Allis (born 1965) is the founder of Boost Juice and co-owner of Retail Zoo, the parent company of Boost Juice, Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill and Chibo Espresso.

In 2000, Allis launched Boost Juice from his home. The business currently has locations in 13 different countries, with the first Boost Juice store in Adelaide, South Australia.

In addition to serving as director of Retail Zoo, Allis also serves as director of Michael Hill Jeweler.

He also wrote The Accidental Entrepreneur – The Juicy Bits, which can be found here. ISBN 978-0-7303-2773-8.

Career of Janine Allis

At age 17, Allis began working as a media assistant at the advertising agency McCann-Erickson. She later started modeling and worked as an assistant gym manager. She worked as a babysitter in France, as a promotions administrator in Portugal, and as a camp counselor in the United States. Allis has also held positions as senior manager of a Singaporean theater chain, promoter for United International Pictures, publisher, writer and tour agent for American comedians.

Janine Allis bought the zoo

After succeeding in expanding her juice company, Allis and her husband decided to diversify their business by creating Retail Zoo, a holding company that they used to acquire and expand other retail food companies.
In 2007, Retail Zoo acquired its first chain, Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill, a four-location Mexican restaurant chain.

Retail Zoo bought 20-location Cibo Espresso in 2012 for AU$15 million.

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Company is a chain of American-style hamburger restaurants founded in 2014 by Retail Zoo.

With Allis still in charge, the Riverside company paid an undisclosed amount for a stake in the retail zoo in 2010.

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Riverside sold their interest to Bain Capital four years later.

Following the acquisition, Bain owned 70% of the business, with Alice holding the remaining 30%.

presence on television
On the Australian version of the television show Shark Tank, Allis appeared as “the shark”.
Allis participated in the sixth season of Australian Survivor in 2019. He finished sixth before being eliminated on Day 44.

In 2021, Allys boardroom appeared on the fifth season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

Allis is back as Lord Sugar’s boardroom adviser on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2022.

Janine Allis and Jeff Allis Age Difference

Based on online research, Jeff Allis, the businessman’s husband, appears to be between 55 and 60 years old. Janine Allis is 56 years old. Jeff approximates the projected age range, so the couple is probably 2-3 years old.

Janin was born in 1965 in Melbourne, Victoria. She started working as a media assistant at McCann-Erickson at the age of 17. A businessman later started modeling and was an assistant manager at a gym. Early in her career, she worked as a camp counselor in the United States, as a promotions administrator in Portugal, and as a babysitter in France.

Throughout his career, he has won many awards. In 2004, she won the Telstra Victorian Businesswoman Award. He also received the 2010 International Franchise Award from the Franchise Council of Australia.

As the recognition continued to pile up, he also received the Australian Export Heroes Award in 2012. Additionally, the Women of Style and Audi Woman of Style awards were presented. In 2015, the honor was conferred on his company.

Allis sons of John and family information

Along with her husband Jeff Allis, celebrity entrepreneur Janine Allis is a mother of four children. Their children are Riley, 22, Tahlia, 12, Samuel, 30, and Oliver.

Janine explained on the I Don’t Know How She Does It podcast that she planned to get her husband a reversal vasectomy when she was 39 and on a work trip to South Korea to address the large age gap between her children.

​​​​​​​His personal life looks quite impressive as he posts pictures of himself with Janine and his kids on social media. Currently she is living a contented life with her husband and children.