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Santo Silaro is a comedian, actor and founder of the group known as The D Generation. He is an Australian television and film producer. Santo is a family man; He has been married to his wife Morena Silaro for two decades and the couple raised two children together.

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Santo Silaro is a popular comedian from Australia who helped form the group known as T-Generation. After completing his education, Sandhu went straight into the entertainment industry to start his career. Silaro’s first foray into comic theater was with Tom Kleissner and Rob Stich, working together on productions and tours. He is a writer and former radio presenter on the Triple M Network.

He co-wrote and participated in the University of Melbourne’s Let’s Talk Backwards revue. In addition, Silaro was an employee of a working dog manufacturing company. He has also contributed writing to several critically acclaimed films such as “The Castle” and “The Dish”.

Santo Silaro
Santo Silaro

Santo Silaro is married to his wife, Morena Silaro; Age difference between the two

Comedian Morena Silaro is married to her husband Santo Silaro. From the pictures I saw together, Santo and Morena don’t have much of an age gap.

Sandhu is currently 60 years old and his wife also looks to be between 50 and 60 years old, based on the looks of their wedding photo. Sandhu’s primary focus is the Australian comedian’s successful family life. Strong emphasis on his own family. He and his wife Morena are the parents of two children.

Filmmaker Silaro’s eldest son, Oscar Silaro, is a young soccer player who is gaining attention in his area. Oscar is a goalkeeper who plays for Los Angeles Galaxy. Since Santo doesn’t use Instagram or other popular social media platforms, it would be difficult to gather information related to his personal life.

It is not known how Santo and Morena first met each other; But as their sons have now reached adulthood, it seems that they have been married for a considerable time.

Santo Silaro is a father of two: An inside look at the Australian comedian’s family life

Oscar Silaro, the eldest son of filmmaker Santo Silaro, is a young soccer player who begins to attract attention for his sport.

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The comedian is Australian by birth, but Carlo has Italian ancestry as his parents were born in Italy. Although the comedian is Australian by nationality, he has Italian heritage. His nonno, also known as his grandfather, was an actor, so he learned how to act from him and considered him a role model.

At this time, she is unable to provide information regarding her other child’s career. Silaro is the grandson of Nonno Silaro, also an actor, and the son of actor Vito Silaro and his wife Clara Silaro. Silaro is also an actor.

On January 23, 2018, he appeared with his family on the YouTube channel owned by Australian comedian Warren Persow. In the video, Santo discusses how his grandfather serves as his mentor and role model.

During that discussion, the comedian discussed several aspects of his personal life.

Santo Silaro has more than $2 million in personal wealth. Silaro, best known for his role as meteorologist Jeffrey Slater on the ABC comedy series Frontline, bought The Villas of Byron’s gated retreat for $2.2 million.

Sandhu has received awards from the Australian Film Industry and Loki and many other organizations. Apart from that, she is also going to receive an award for the International Emmys.

In addition, Santo is the co-founder of a group called T-Generation. His role as Weatherman in Frontline brought him great fame. Despite this, he is a published novelist and former radio presenter who worked for the Triple M network. He came to the attention of people all over the world with the movie Electronic Supersonic which was released on the internet.

However, Sandhu leads a very secretive life and the producer is also not on Instagram, so we couldn’t get any information about his lifestyle from those sources.

Santo Silaro
Santo Silaro

Acting and production works

Sylaro first began working with Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner in various comedy theater plays and tours. He is the co-founder of The D-Generation along with a few other people.

During the group’s run on ABC TV in 1986-1987, Silaro not only wrote for the play but also performed in it (which also led to the album The Satanic Sketches). Sylaro remained a member of T-Gen throughout the group’s run of their breakfast show on Triple M Radio (1986–1992), during which he played various characters, including the simple-minded “Wayne from St Albans”. and “Gino Tagliatoni,” among others. In addition to being a writer, Silaro was also a performer on the sketch comedy show Late Show produced by D-Generation in 1992 and 1993. He appeared in episodes of Graham & The Colonel, The Oz Brothers, etc. Jeff & Terry Bailey.

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After the second and final season of The Late Show, Silaro starred as Sticks in the 1994 ABC cop show spoof Funky Squad, which he helped conceive and served as one of the writers, producers, and directors. After that, he helped found the production company Working Dog, and was one of the writers, producers, and directors of Frontline (1994–1997). In addition to working behind the scenes on the show, he continued to play meteorologist Geoffrey Salter. Since then, Silaro has collaborated on the screenplays for the successful films The Castle (1997) and The Dish (2000), both produced by Working Dog, and he has been a regular on Network Ten’s The Panel. From 1998 to 2003. Additionally, he hosted some episodes of the show from time to time.

Sylaro has served as an executive producer on several working dog productions, including: “The Panel,” “A River Somewhere” (1997-1998), and “All Aussie Adventures” (2001-02). In the series The Hollowmen (2008), which Sylaro co-wrote and co-produced, he played Theo Solakis, head of market research. In addition, Silaro has portrayed IT technician Griffin in the Shawn Micallef sitcom Welcher & Welcher (2003) since 1996 in the working dog radio skit Johnny Swan.

Santo, Sam and Ed’s Cup Fever! A late-night comedy and variety show co-hosted by Ed Cavali and Sam Bong from Melbourne during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In 2014, Silaro created his first co-produced play titled “The Speechmaker” with his colleagues Working Dog, Sitch and Gleisner.



2012 Any questions for Ben? Producer, Writer & Camera Operator
2009 Shintaro! He himself Documentary
2007 The sound of Aus
2004 Herman, Law Labrador Sal the hot dog vendor Voice only
2001 Numero Bruno He himself Documentary
2000 The Dish Producer, writer and second unit director
1997 Castle Writer & Camera Operator
1996 Propaganda Director, Writer, Producer and Cinematographer He himself is the narrator Documentary
1988 Billy shouted Director TV short film


2016-19 Fantasy Creator, Executive Producer, Writer
2016 Pacific heat Creator, Executive Producer, Writer
2014–Present Are you paying attention? Panelist He himself
2013-15 Sando, Sam and Ed’s Total Football Executive Producer & Writer He himself
2012 Audrey’s Kitchen Executive producer
Sando, Sam and Ed’s game fever! Executive Producer & Writer He himself
Your photos Executive producer
2010 Santo, Sam and Ed’s Cup Fever! Executive Producer & Writer He himself
2008 Holomen Creator, Producer, Writer & Camera Operator Theo Solakis
2007 Panel: Christmas wrap Executive producer He himself
2006–2009 Thank God you are here Creator, Camera Operator (Series 1-3), Writer & Executive Producer
2004 Russell Goit’s Celebrity Challenge
2003 Welcher & Welcher Griffin Griggs
2001–2002 All Aussie Adventures by Russell Coit Writer & Camera Operator
1998–2005 group Executive producer He himself
1997–1998 A river somewhere
1995 Funky Squad Creator, Director, Producer & Writer Sticks (‘Joey Alvarez’)
1994–1997 Leading Geoffrey Salter
1994 Murder… 30 years He himself
1993 Parkeers Director & Writer Polonek
old days Various
1992–1993 The Late Show
1988 Generation T goes into business Writer
1986–1987 Generation D

Zlatko Vlasic

Cilauro, along with Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner, is responsible for creating the popular internet phenomenon character Zladko “ZLAD”. Vlatsic, a Moldovan synth-pop musician. Sylaro created the slot as a companion to the jetlag travel guide to Molvania. The slot can be found in Molvania. Silaro, along with Sitch and Kleissner, contributed to the writing of jetlag travel guides to Molvania, Fike Don and San Sombrero.

Silaro, who works under the alias Slatco, has appeared in two music videos, “Electronic – Supersonic” and “I’m Anti-Pope”.

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