Neha Sargam- Need to ramp up content on TV to get back to old glory

Singer Neha Sargam believes that OTT as a platform is a successful path to success for their respective content.

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“Everything that is OTT flourishes because of the right flavor of stories. The shows were launched a year or two ago as big franchises. Content is key and with OTT audiences being super smart, bad content should never go smoothly,” he adds Mirzapur 2 who will also be seen as an actor next season.

But, being a long-time TV actor, Sargam has several guest appearances in the medium.

“TV is such a huge medium and other media has to beat everything but it can’t be done. People work very hard in this industry, but all efforts go in vain due to lack of quality material. I think people associated with TV really deserve a lot of respect. Although we are doing well, it does not fall into the big bracket. In fact, just before that. So, I think the content needs to increase in order to recover the television ratings it earned during the 90s. ,

Known range of mythological characters in shows like Sargam Ramayan, Mahabharat The output includes monsters.

“I approach the mythological characters without any major assumptions, which are probably why they appear and flow with the premise of the show. Like my role of Yashoda in Yashomati Maiya’s Nandlala, I like how real these characters are rather than the contemporary poetry that sometimes seems so false. I was like…

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