Nescafé Classic Uzoba Strong Competition 2021

Nescafé Classic Uzoba Strong Competition 2021 is operated by Nestlé South Africa Limited (Proprietary) in connection with Publicis A Div Of MMS Communications Ltd (Pty). The competition will start on 30 June 2021 and close on 31 August 2021. After 31 August 2021 entries received will not be considered.

Nescafé Classic Uzoba Strong Competition 2021 Participation Details

This contest is limited to citizens of South Africa and/or legal residents. Given below people can not apply for the Nescafé Classic Uzoba Strong Competition 2021.

  • Promotional, Members, Directors, partners, and merchandisers, employees, advertising agents, or consultants of the Promoters.
  • Brother, sister, life partner, parent, associate, Spouse, child, business partner any of the persons specified above.
  • Persons who are not legal citizens and/or legal residents of the Republic of South Africa.
  • People age must be under 18 years.
Organization Nestlé
Applicable For ntrant Must Live In The Republic Of South Africa
Competition Name Nescafé Classic Uzoba Strong Competition 2021
Age Limit Under 18 years
Competition Last Date 31.08.2021
Official Website

Products List Participating 

12399541 NESCAFE CLASSIC Ivory Coast Jar 6x200g
12401546 NESCAFE CLASSIC Brazil Jar 12x200g
12399542 NESCAFE CLASSIC Strong Jar 6x200g ZA
12396113 NESCAFE CLASSIC Doy 10x300g
12361456 NESCAFE CLAS Nat Jar Kpsv 6x200g ZA
12436251 NESCAFE Black Roast jar 6x200g ZA
12429693 NESCAFE CLASSIC BlackRst Jar 6x200gZA
12339260 NESCAFE Classic Decaf 6x200g N3

Procedure to Apply Online for the Nescafé Classic Uzoba Strong Competition 2021

To participatemust follow the steps given below to particpate in Competition.

  • Buy one participating NESCAFÉ CLASSIC product Given above any store in Worldwide.
  • at loin the official website i.e. using Mobile phone or desktop and barcodes as well as Pick a mentor of your choice.
  • Keep the Bill or buying Proof to redeem your prize.
  • In an Entire duration contestet can only participate once.

Nescafé Classic Uzoba Strong Prizes and Awards

  • One of four face-to-face counseling sessions with an influential person.
  • The identity of the influencer will be announced on the Nescafe social media program at the start of the contest. Members will be worthy to take the influencer all would like to have a chance to win one-on-one mentor gatherings upon joining the competition.
  • The winners will be selected by a fortuitous draw on 03 September 2021 in the presence of the Nestlé Brand Team and Nestlé Legal Team.

Procedure Nescafé Classic Uzoba Strong Claim Awards

  • At the time a potential prize champion is recognized, The potential prize winner will receive a telephone call from the promoters’ representative at what point he may need to answer certain questions regarding his qualifications Also some documents are requested to be submitted such as proof of purchase (receipt) and a copy of his/her ID as well as driving license to the representative of the promoters.
  • Potential prize champion is not the real winner until his submission is approved and his certificates are finished and submitted to the promoters. If a potential prize champion does not satisfy the qualification requirements, The prize will be abandoned and a runner-up finalist will be granted a potential prize winner, subjected to the terms and conditions within.
  • If the Promoter is inadequate to give any of the potential prize champions after 3 attempts within 3 working days of the date of his removal, for any reason, including incorrect mobile numbers or inactive Phone numbers, Such winner will be disbarred and the runner-up finalist will be granted a potential prize champion.
  • Eligible winners will be distributed their prizes by a spokesperson of the promoters, Based on the notice they would have participated through the above stated telephone conversation.

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