Netflix ordered to remove ‘offensive’ videos, what content is against Islam? – Arab countries remove objectionable video content from Netflix Islam

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Arab countries from Netflix


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Arab Countries Netflix- Gulf Arab countries have removed ‘offensive’ videos from Netflix, saying they have become part of the gay community. A comment from the ‘Golf Cooperation Council’ (GCC) continues. Also described by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates through their respective governments. In the GCC they include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.


‘Netflix’ is an ‘over the top’ (OTT) platform for making films and other digital content available over the Internet. ‘Netflix’ has not yet made any statement in this relationship. Disney+Hotstar’s film ‘Lightyear’ was also banned in many countries. In the film, the kissing scene between the two sex characters is yours. After that, OTT fore ‘Disney+Hotstar’ said that what was in the Gulf Arab countries ‘content available should be about local regulatory analysis.’

Homosexuality is a sin

Many Muslims consider homosexuality a sin. In some Arab countries, sections of the LGBTQ community have been arrested and sentenced to prison. In some countries it is punishable by death. Mention that Gulf countries are very strict in terms of entertainment. The government also controls if you want to visit here. Also here men and women can catch the nations of the world stand in a way that cannot stand in public. There is no freedom for women here either.

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Saudi Arabia will give Yemen konza

Earlier the news of Kharid country I theo that if war has to be done for some years then Mangalwar should be united in a meeting. However, the Houthi rebels are boycotting this meeting because it is Saudi Arabia, an anti-Zorda country. Iran’s widespread abstention from Houthi rebels’ meetings has raised questions about the effectiveness of such meetings. Collectively, nations, politicians and other countries are emphasizing Ramadan on and off every few months. Is Ramadan likely to start this week? There are Gulf affiliate organizations, many of which include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The meeting place for the rebels will be in Saudi Arabia where it (the patient) is being dismissed.

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