Netflix That’s Amor Actor Isaac Gonzalez Rossi, Everything You Need To Know

Actor Isaac Gonzalez Rossi is currently best known for his role in the Netflix movie That’s Amor. Sean Paul Pechenino is the director of a 96-minute romance, starring Riley Dandy, Daniel Edward Mora, and Isaac Gonzalez Rossi.

I Feel Bad (2018), Blood Relatives (2012), Murder Between Friends are just a few of the different films and TV shows in which Rousey has starred (2016). Learn five things about this burgeoning actor by reading.

Isaac Gonzalez, Russia

Isaac Gonzalez, Russia

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi- Age Wikipedia

The date of birth of Isaac Gonzalez Russian is unknown, but the actor appears to be in his mid-twenties. Isaac has a page on IMDb where his previous works are listed.

The actor previously played Estefan in the popular TV series Westworld. He is currently famous for playing Matthias in the Netflix movie That’s Amor from 2022.

The synopsis of the film states that after Sophia loses her career and love, she must start over. Meanwhile, she meets a charming Spanish chef who may be the key to her happiness.

Isaac Gonzalez’s upcoming projects include the recently completed short film The Kinjiku and Married Alive, which is now in pre-production.

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi- Family and Ethnicity

Isaac Gonzalez was born to his parents in Encino, California. His family name and other information has not been announced. The actor is Christian and a member of the Latino/Hispanic race.

Because of his Cuban origins, he was raised on a strong work ethic and love for people. Isaac has a strong desire to help others and enjoys giving them opportunities.

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi- Height and body features

The young American actor Rossi is currently appearing in American TV shows and movies. He is tall, attractive and often photographed with glasses.

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Isaac is 5.10 feet (1.77 meters) tall and has an athletic build. His eyes are the same color as his hair, and he has dark brown hair. The actor’s weight is estimated at 160 lbs as of this writing.

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi plays Mathias in That's Amor

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi plays Mathias in That’s Amor

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi- Career and Career

Isaac is an actor who has appeared, as noted, in a few movies and TV shows, which shows the potential for more. He has sales experience in the solar and energy sectors as well as representation.

Isaac has experience in a variety of industries, from marketing to stage acting, according to his LinkedIn profile. Now, his attention is focused on the acting industry.

He received his Bachelor of Arts in Theater Studies from the University of Central Florida between 2011 and 2015. He also participated in the sketch comedy troupe, which enabled him to develop his improvisational skills.

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi- wife or partner

Although actress Skye Coyne is said to be dating Isaac Gonzalez, the actor is not married. Her films include A Cotton Moon, Love Under the Lemon Tree, and Deadly Dating Game (2021). (2023).

Isaac Rossi has 236 posts on his Instagram account, which has 1,403 followers. He just posted beautiful clips from his trip with Sky, where the two visited Norway, on June 9.

Biography of Isaac Gonzalez Russian Wiki

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi, American actor, was born in Encino, California. He is a young skilled actor from the United States who is currently working in TV and Film productions in the United States.

Isaac is young, between the ages of 22-30 (approximately). The identities of Isaac’s biological parents and other family members are unknown. Born and raised in the United States. Isaac’s degrees include a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Studies and an Minor in Writing and Rhetoric. University of Central Florida where he is educated.

Additionally, he is trying to qualify for John Kirby Studios. John Kirby, 2016-present Improvisation training at the L.A. Connection Theatre, 2016 Present, Stella Adler School of Acting is a reputed acting school. Ross Blackwell was an intense acting coach for Laura Leyva in 2016. 2011-Present,

Oreos Quadruple the Filling Amount of UCF Sketch Comedy Troupe 2013-2015, Bachelor of Arts in Theater Studies Program at University of Central Florida Exam Workshop 2011-2015(s) These three names are Richard Fitch, Lisa Fincannon, and Laurie Wyman. 2011-2013, Florida Ambassadors Music Tour 2010, Advanced Crusade Choral Group 2007-2011. The 2010 Florida Ambassadors of Music Singing Tour.

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Isaac Gonzalez Rossi Age, Height, Body Info

How old is Isaac Gonzalez Rossi and what is his height, weight, and physical info? Check out below.

age 22-30
to rise 5′ 10 (1.78 m)
Poetry black (chin length)
eyes brouwn
Weight 165 lbs
physique Athlete
sound type baritone, bass

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi Career

Before moving on to a career in the film industry, Isaac began his career as a model. Isaac has participated in a number of productions in the United States, both in the world of television and film, and continues to pursue acting in Los Angeles.

He is considered one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. A large number of acting credits are related to Isaac. The roles he played in Westworld (2016), I Feel Bad (2018), and Blood Relatives brought him the most recognition (2012).

NCIS (TV Series) 2021, The Elephant in the Conference Room 2020, Murder Among Friends (TV Documentary Series) 2017, The Door (short) 2016 / IX, 2013 short film “That’s Not How It Works”

The Gathering of Hunters Stories of the Paranormal- It Came in the Night was released in 2013 by Telltale Games. In addition to his upcoming short film The Kinjiku (Finished), the feature film That Amor 2022, and the TV series As We See It 2022.

Isaac Gonzalez’s relations with Russia

Given his current relationship status, it’s safe to assume that Isaac Gonzalez does not have a significant other and is, in all likelihood, single. However, despite the fact that he has a huge number of fans who adore and support him, he never gives his heart to someone else.

It’s possible that he is looking for the perfect companion that he will love and care about, or it is possible that he is trying to stay away from falling in love so that he can give his full attention to his career.

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It is also possible that he lacks experience in the corporate world. As the majority of celebrities do, he places great importance on his privacy and goes to great lengths to hide his private life.

Isaac Gonzalez Russian Net Worth

It is not known how much money Isaac Gonzalez Rossi has in his net worth. Between 2022 and 2023, he saw a massive increase in his net worth. To answer your question, the net worth of Isaac Gonzalez between the ages of 22 and 30 is roughly the amount.

Rossi’s success as an actor is the primary source of the majority of his income. Isaac is a citizen of the USA due to the fact that he was born in the country.

Calculations were made on all of Isaac’s assets, net worth, money, salary and earnings. Isaac’s financial situation is wonderful.

Although he is not a millionaire yet, he is well on his way to achieving that goal. After conducting an investigation into the current financial situation of Isaacs, we found out that his net worth is between $2 and $3 million.

This is a massive achievement for someone who has only been working as an actor professionally for a short period of time. If Isaac continues on his current path, he could potentially amass a fortune of $1 million, if not much more. This is because Isaac is very good at what he does.

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi on this matter 2022 [Trending]

Sean Paul Pechinino is the director of the romantic comedy That Amor 2022. The script was written by Ali Afshar (story), John Dossey Tiffany Dupont, and Sean Paul Pechinino (story).

Riley Dandy, Isaac Gonzalez, and Nancy Linehan are among the most notable actors and actresses in the film. Omar is scheduled to be released on August 25, 2022.

Plot- Sophia has to start over after losing her job and relationship on the same day. Fortunately for her, she meets a charming Spanish chef who may be the solution to all her problems.

List of movies and TV

  • The Kinjiku (short) (complete)
  • This is the things of 2022
  • As We See It (TV Series) 2022
  • NCIS (TV Series) 2021
  • The devil in the room 2020