Nimrat Kaur slams Delta Air Lines for ‘horrific test’ involving misplaced and damaged baggage, airline responds

actor Nimrat Kaur Recently on my recent trip from Detroit to Mumbai, I lost my luggage traveling with Delta Airlines. On Friday, he wrote on his Twitter account, “@Delta, I have been informed that your operations in India will no longer operate. I am raising this issue here to draw attention to this horrific inconvenience and help me to resolve this very stressful situation.” Also read this. Nimrat Kaur absent from Bollywood “wasn’t aware of choice”


The actor further described his experience with American Airlines and said that one of his bags was still missing, while the other appeared to be damaged. He added pictures of his ripped bag and said- “Besides the ongoing shock and horror of this experience, I’m horrified that this kind of breakage is done to a passenger or someone with alleged profane and privileged access, here as well as to what is happening elsewhere. Not only have I been mentally and physically exhausted from these 90 hours, and by reckoning, by thoroughly distracting the judgment, to solve the matter in the end. How will it be expedient and the harassment will be dealt with in general.”

Nimrat Kaur’s tweet.

In response, Delta tweeted, “Thank you for your patience. Our office is currently closed. They are open 7 days a week between 6 am – 11-30 pm ET. I will transfer my entire conversation to a baggage representative who will be happy to assist you within business hours. Pay attention to the trigger…

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