North Korea will not tolerate US accusations of nuclear program The Talks Today

PYONGYANG North Korea (North Korea) warns they will “never tolerate” criticism American Association (US) against the isolated country’s nuclear event. Pyongyang calls Washington a “carrier of nuclear proliferation” and says it will not allow any violation of its sovereign rights.

North Korea has conducted missile tests at an unprecedented speed this year. International experts believe they are preparing for a seventh nuclear test, the first since 2017.

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North Korea’s permanent mission to the United Nations issued the statement Wednesday, as diplomats gathered in New York for a month-long UN conference to review the Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the meeting that North Korea “continues to expand its unlawful nuclear program” and “is preparing to conduct its seventh nuclear test.”

“This is the pinnacle of wrongdoing, the United States accusing someone of a ‘nuclear threat’ given the fact that it is a nuclear proliferation kingpin,” North Korea said in the statement.

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North Korea also said it had withdrawn from the non-proliferation treaty long ago, so no one has the right to violate the country’s right to self-defense.

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“We will never tolerate any attempt by the US and its slave forces to accuse our country without reason and violate our sovereign rights and national interests,” North Korea said in a statement.

Last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said his country was ready to mobilize its nuclear war deterrent and counter any US military clash.