Nux Taku Vshojo Reddit Drama | Is Nux Taku Arrested?

The anime community was completely taken over by Nux Taku once he published his anime Analytics videos on YouTube.

It is said that this particular independent VTuber is one of the most followed and influential VTubers in the industry at the moment. Making meme videos has become a larger part of Taku’s schedule as a result of his growing celebrity.

Along with fellow YouTubers Oompaville and SomeOrdinaryGamers, he is one of the hosts of the podcast known as SomeOrdinaryPodcast.

According to Apple Podcasts, this discussion group welcomes a fresh new guest every week to discuss topics such as anime, pop culture, and trends.

Nux Taku And Vshojo Controversy Gave Birth To A Reddit Drama

The highly publicised debate between Nux Taku and Vshojo, commonly referred to as the Vshojo-doxxer issue, gained widespread notoriety.

It all started in the spring of 2021, when it was discovered that the VShojo talents were being targeted by doxxers, which are people who divulge other people’s genuine identities to the general public. Given the gravity of the situation, law enforcement officials have become involved in the investigation.

In October of the same year, phoney VShojo emails were sent to Nux and other VTubers in an attempt to gain access to their personal information. Nux had reached out to VShojo for verification and was provided with information regarding the ongoing investigation.

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After further investigation, Nux was able to identify the offender and published a video about their discovery on November 21, 2021. According to what YouTube Fandom writes, this is what sparked his displeasure with VShojo, which insists that it warned him against engaging in this behaviour.

According to VShojo, Nux’s acts disrupted the judicial proceedings, which made it simpler for other doxxers to understand how to avoid being prosecuted for their actions. In the end, Nux was able to get his recordings removed from public view, but the VTuber community would not stop criticising him for his behaviour.

As a result, the debate grew longer as both sides defended their conduct and made accusations about them, which added to the drama and spawned multiple discussion groups on Reddit.

Nux Taku Clickbaited His Viewers On His Arrest

A month ago, there were widespread rumours that Nux Taku would be jailed as a result of the VShojo dispute, which had been out of his control for some time.

Because of his inappropriate behaviour at Disneyland, according to a number of unnamed sources, he was taken into jail by the police. However, this rationale is the piece of news that his followers are the least concerned about.

On the other hand, Nux tweeted on July 17 that he was taken into custody for utilising the code NUX on gfuel, which is considered stealing because of the nature of the transaction.

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In addition, he scrawled #FreeNuxTaku on the side of the paper, showing his support for the demonstrations that his supporters were holding on Twitter for his release.

To tell you the truth, none of these two million customers who boasted about VTuber were ever taken into custody. Nux, who is well-known for his easygoing demeanour, asserts that he lives in a vacuum and that everything that he says is humorous.

As a result, his tweet was an act of mischief for his followers and the internet users who speculate and speculate irrationally about him.

The VTuber Uploaded A Video Titled Face Reveal In 2020

Nux Taku is a Canadian-American YouTuber and streamer who uses a different name online under the guise of Nux Taku.

On social media, he is known for his animated face, a persona that has amassed millions of followers and viewers among members of the anime community all over the world.

Nux never mentioned his face reveal until April 3, 2020, when his video titled “Face Reveal (will delete soon)” was uploaded on YouTube for the first time.

His eager viewers were excited to see his face, only to find out that the VTuber was engaging in click baiting. Therefore, citing Nux’s love for his current identity and the mystery surrounding him, his supporters have waited patiently throughout the entirety of this year.

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On the other hand, his tweet on July 20 that included a photo of a young man with the caption “Immersion break” had the Twitterati scratching their heads.

In spite of all the excitement, Nux has refused to comment on the questions over whether or not the man pictured is actually him.

Nux Taku Does Not Work With N.A.S.A

There are a number of videos online in which he intentionally misleads his audience as a joke, despite the fact that he has a reputation for being amusing and jokey.

The viewers were pleased about his new employment when he posted a video on January 17, 2021 titled “So, I accidently got employed by N.A.S.A…” as one of the videos.

A tabloid had incorrectly reported that Nux worked for the space business, and as the video progressed, he was giving his reaction to this information.

He currently works as a full-time VTUber and streamer, and he also hosts a popular podcast; the number of new career choices available to him is growing every day. Nux is OK if he uses his time to create entertaining content for his audience rather than joking about working for NASA.