On Resident Alien, Marriage Is the Most Human Story

“For Ben and Kate, yes, they have a very spicy sex life but that covers up the fact that they’re not really emotionally intimate,” says series creator Chris Sheridan. Den of Geek. “They don’t feel comfortable talking to each other. They don’t feel [comfortable] Open up and tell each other their secrets.”

The fact that the pair are so willing to take risks sexually only further highlights how close they are to each other, and what they should have for dinner for their son Max (Judah). There is often disagreement on the matter. Prehn) future. (Half the town came so close to sending the kid to boarding school, claiming Harry was an alien.)

It is clear that the issues in their relationship are not new either. Kate often laments the lack of cultural and intellectual stimulation in a town like Passions, and on some level, she clearly resents that she is using her prestigious law degree to teach nine-year-olds at her son’s school. Ben finds it hard to be assertive or ask for what he wants. He also refuses to hang the (admittedly terrible) “Live Laugh Love” sign in their house because he’s afraid Kate will hate it.

“Ben has had a lot going on in his life since he was a child,” says Sheridan. “He has a lot of fear in his life. He doesn’t feel comfortable talking to her about it. He is not happy in patience. And she doesn’t feel comfortable talking to Ben about it. All this resentment builds up until their relationship suffers because they can’t talk to each other.

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Also resident alien Neither Ben nor Kate is judged for their feelings – in fact, the show is remarkably honest about how difficult marriage can be and how difficult it is to grow together rather than grow apart. In fact, in a different kind of show, Ben and Kate’s relationship might already be over, thanks to his kiss with D’Arcy last season. But on resident alien This moment is not used as a break-up catalyst, but to explore the deeper emotional issues in Hawthorne’s marriage.

Ben kisses D’Arcy not because he specifically wants to be with her, romantically speaking, but rather because he wants to be the version of himself she remembers from high school. And Kate isn’t even upset about the actual physical kiss — thankfully, she knows it doesn’t actually mean anything to either of the parties involved. But she is angry that neither her husband nor her supposed friend could tell her that this happened.