Pakistan government says, Shehbaz Sharif should deposit all the gifts in Toshakhana The people of Pakistan will be able to ‘watch’ the watches worth 27 crores received by Shehbaz Sharif

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Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif.


  • Shahbaz Sharif collected gifts from abroad and deposited them in Toshakhana.
  • Sharif was also gifted two expensive watches from the Gulf countries.
  • After Imran Khan was asked why he sold the matching gifts from abroad.

Islamabad- Pakistan’s PM Shehbaz Sharif may be facing money laundering cases, but they show ‘decency’ in one case against Imran Khan. Submit all gifts from foreign handicrafts including 2 gharyans involving diamonds on Shahbaz Sharif on Pakistan Government to Toshakhan. A hawala in the Pakistani media has said that watches worth Rs 27 crore from foreign hands will also be ‘darshan’ of our people.


So the exhibition is captured

If you think why Sarkar Shahbaz wants to show Milli in watches crowd you tell me a very special reason behind it. The government of Pakistan wants the country to see their men and women with their friends who may have information about Pakistani relations. People can view Gifts in the PMK office, where a special area has been selected for display.

‘Sharif got more expensive gift than Imran’
Echoing the narrative, Sharif presented 2 gharias with diamonds as gifts from the Gulf countries. One worth Rs 10 crore and the other Rs 17 crore from In 2 Gharians. Also, submit Cufflinks, Fingers and Pens to Sandhya Sharif Ne Toshakhan. Comparison of narratives, more Mahenge Milli between Im Sharif before and PTI President Khan Khan.

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Imran Khan then wrote who sold gifts.

Imran later started selling gifts
Say that gifts received from outside Imran Khan always mark Shahbaz Sharif. Sharif probed Imran that he had sold the gifts instead of keeping them in the toshakhane. 14 crore was given to Imran in Dubai. According to the laws of Pakistan, any gift received from an outside public figure shall be accepted.


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