Pakistan News Floods destroy crops worth Tk 2.2 lakh crore Shehbaz Sharif, crops worth Tk 2.2 lakh crore destroyed.

Floods in Pakistan - India TV Hindi News
Image source- AP
Floods in Pakistan


  • One third of the country was submerged in floods
  • 10 lakh acres of crops destroyed by floods
  • 2.2 million crores

Pakistan news- A famous saying in Hindi is ‘Kangalite anta gila’ meaning first bring trouble and more dikten. It has to be with Pakistan these days. He has aggravated the economic crisis of Pakistan. Thousands of houses were destroyed due to flood. The fields were destroyed, the pumps sunk.


Pakistan’s history has never seen such a terrible rise before. One third of the country is submerged in floods. Water Nisik is the largest Taj Water Forum in the country by Pakistani engineers to divert and divert lake water though starting from villages and towns.

Floods in Pakistan

Image source- AP

Floods in Pakistan

10 lakh acres of crops destroyed by floods

Around the Forter Lake there is land and upland but now the land is fed by floodwaters. Floods have robbed Anj Sen pine ka jal in Pakistan. Cotton is grown in Sindh and Punjab. 10 lakh acres of crops near Kapas are destroyed due to flood. Additionally, 6 lakh acres of kawal, 1 lakh acres of dates and close to 7 lakh acres of sugarcane are under cultivation. They are almost all in agriculture and horticulture sector. If you talk about the total loss then Pakistan has 2.2 crores of fruits which is about 3 people of GDP.

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The country began to see the sea from above – Shehbaz Sharif

Pakistan has to import around 25 lakh bales of cotton this year. Although Khushi Khushi, Pakistan government is not showing any mood to import cotton from India. Pakistan’s PM Shahbaz Sharif visited the flooded areas and said that Pakistan is starting to look like the sea.

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