Part 1 Hindi Movie (WTP) World Television Premiere

Hindi Movie Attack: Part 1 (WTP) World Premiere on Zee Cinema:

We’ll discuss the first part of the attack here. On April 1, 2022, this movie premiered. The film featured Jacqueline Fernandez, Rakul Preet Singh and John Abram as the main cast. We, John and Jacqueline, have a large fan base in the community. It’s a great movie that made the theater look magical. The movie is now ready for its first TV show. Attack Part 1 TV premiere and release has been officially announced. More updates can be found at

Attack: Part 1

Attack: Part 1

The Attack: World Television Premiere Part One

This wonderful movie got good reviews from the audience. The moment has come for those people who have been waiting for your TV. Information about the first TV show is searched. They are looking for the date, time, and platform. We will provide you with all the details of the movie.

Lakshya Raj Anand’s film direction is now complete. This movie was produced in Alaska. The producers of the film are Lakshya Raj Anand and Jayantilal Jada. The movie is an Action and Thriller movie in Hindi. Drama, action, and feelings satisfy this. The movie is really excellent Jhon is a co-producer of the movie in addition to appearing in it. To learn more about the world premiere of Attack Part 1, scroll down the page.

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Where can I watch the world premiere of Attack Part 1?

The first television broadcast of the film will be made. The official announcement was made for the world premiere of television. On Sunday, June 26, 2022, at 8 pm, the film will be broadcast on Zee Cinema. Organize the time and date for watching the movie. Now they can watch it tomorrow because they were waiting for the first TV show. You can take your family to watch this movie.

The film contains information on terrorism. John will play a prototype of an AI super soldier that will be deployed in the film’s future technological battles against the enemy of the nation.

Budget and box office results for the first installment of Offensive Attack

Significant expenses were used to produce this film. The production cost of the film is 65 kronor. At the box office, the film earned more than 65 crowns. These items do not live up to expectations. The film’s producers had high hopes for this, but the box office results did not live up to their expectations. Watch this space for more developments.