Preet Kamani of Middle Class Love recalled that he was ridiculed for his bushy brows and ‘unusually big nose’.

While actors have often spoken of being discouraged by directors or filmmakers during their struggling days, actor Preet Kamani boldly admits that he is “handsome” enough not to be looked down upon by anyone. “I think it used to happen in the past, but now it doesn’t. Thankfully, I’m looking forward to the good that it didn’t happen to me,” shared Kamani.

And when he said that, it does not mean that men were not inhuman. “I left the office with a toothache. People felt sorry for me. But I took everything with a pinch of salt,” said the 25-year-old, who is currently promoting his next film under the direction of Ratna Sinha. middle class love reveals

Someone mentioning (says) the eyebrows are very thick and unusual. My eyebrows were squinting a lot. One raised his eyebrows. I’ve never done threads in my life, but he told me to do it on the side because he didn’t want you to have such thick eyebrows. I did, but in the end, not even that (laughter).

He was also deluded by the shape of his nose and said to the actor- “My nose is bigger than usual. People will say- “Your nose is so big.” My grandmother used to wake me up and say that all great actors have big noses. I got Maska (2020) because of my nose, because Parsis have big noses.”

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