Putin May Use Weapons, World on Brink of World War III, United General Neddy Warns

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Russian President Putin


  • Russia fell to Haran in Ukraine, retreating from Kiev to Simtonad in the eastern region of Hotka
  • Putin can use it as a weapon
  • Get your territory back in Ukraine

Russia Ukraine War News- Even after 6 months of conflict between Russia and Ukraine, no country can be reached. But now that the war is approaching a turning point, Russian President Vladimir Putin can do anything. It is Nedi Hall, a top general of the dreaded Aracranian, that can use recovery weapons. General Valery Zhaluznik said that Putin would be our third war cougar to use nuclear weapons. General warnings such as when Putin’s army is uncomfortable on the battlefield and are judged to be low on weapons and troops.

Why use puppet weapons weapons?

Russia has not only failed to defeat Ukraine, but has been simtnad in the region before retreating to strong resistance. Similarly, it was created using what Putin could arm for arms in the face of war. According to media reporters, Zhaluzny used an article in a Ukrainian parliament to express his concerns. He said the use of the weapon under special conditions by the Russian military was clarified. It is not really possible to dismiss other countries in self-conflict as a possibility of participation in the entire world. Which means that the possibility of a third world war is already looking clear.

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Putin can use it as a weapon

The general said that there is a need to warn the world powers, especially the West, of Russia. Russia can hold him accountable if he deploys weapons. After the warning of the retired British General Sir Richard Barons, who was cautious about the danger of using Russian weapons. Richard Ney fears the theme of what if Putin could use their suicide weapons to fight ‘defeat’ in Ukraine.

Get your territory back in Ukraine

Ukrainian General Navigation Kizelenski’s army has twice occupied 270 square miles of your territory in the east and south. They warned that the war could drag on for months.

He says he has relaunched the Russian pontoon pool, which is to help the Dniper River perform in Kherson and As. The army’s South Common said that Ukrainian artillery and rockets that crossed the Amaral River rendered all the pools unusable.

Zaporizhia nuclear power working at your location

In the midst of this Central Europe.Russia war, Europe’s largest nuclear fuel high-risk Kedenza is operating in your position. The leader of Ukraine’s nuclear information power up said on Friday. six Reactor War Zaporizhia Autobik Shakti began last February when the Russian military took control at the start of the war, but was criticized by Ukrainian authorities. Repeat this approach and around.

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