Putin’s big statement on war in Ukraine – Fight until everything ends, we dream of something – Russia Ukraine Vladimir Putin says the war will not stop until our goals are met.

President Vladimir Putin on Russia Ukraine War - India TV Hindi News
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President Vladimir Putin on Russia’s Ukraine War


  • Europe’s jungle nega barrier is Russia
  • Putin spoke about war in Ukraine
  • Sovereignty is strong in Putin Bol

Russia Ukraine War- Russian President Vladimir Putin told Budhwar to continue deploying its military to achieve Moscow’s objectives. They have labeled efforts by Western countries to isolate Russia for sanctions. Putin said at a meeting of the economic forum in the Far Eastern port city of Vladivostok that the main goal was to protect civilians in the eastern part of the country after eight years of war behind the army in Ukraine. He said, ‘We are no people, starting with military force, we are trying to finish it.’

He accepted your argument that they could send Ukrainian troops to Russia to protect separatists, fighting Ukrainian troops in the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea. Putin said, “All our activities are aimed at those who will help in Donbas, it is our responsibility and we will achieve this goal.” Putin says blocking Russia’s western countries strengthens its hegemony. He said, “We are responding economically, financially and technologically to Russia Nepal.”

We have nothing to eat – Putin

He said, ‘I believe that I do nothing and we do nothing. The most positive thing is that it has made us stronger and stronger.’ Russia’s economic situation is stabilizing, consumer price inflation is low, and the unemployment rate is low, the leader said. He said Russia continues to defend its sovereignty by making any challenge faced by the US and its allies to maintain its global hegemony.

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The battle has been going on for six months

It has been more than six months since Russia launched a continuous offensive against Jang. In this war you lose a lot not only in Europe and Russia, but all over the world it is a loss of good fortune. Ukrainians are wracking life support systems, harming Russian troops and undermining the world, increasing the cost of war, risking nuclear war and any other election. There is no present of what will end. Red Mutual Nangle warns that crisis navigation can shake up humanitarian affairs around the world and strengthen the ability of organizations to respond to your world.

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