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  • Charles’ other wife is Camilla
  • This privilege is without right to sovereignty
  • Elizabeth II proclaimed her ‘Queen Consort’

Queen Elizabeth- Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has ruled at the age of 96. After more than seven decades, United now crown a female ‘Empress’. Charles’ wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will be made the new Queen. Camilla will be addressed as ‘Queen Consort’. After years of debate as Queen Elizabeth II decided on the title, she also went on to decide on the day when Camilla and Charles came close and did not marry.

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Camilla has no sovereign rights

However, it was always right that 75 Camilla would take the title, but without the right to inherit it. Traditionally the king’s wife was the ‘queen’, but Camilla’s title has been largely reversed since Charles became king this year. After Charles’ ex-wife Princess Diana died in a car accident in 1997, people were heartbroken and Camilla was always talked about in Rajshahi as Charles’ second wife.

Charles’ other wife is Camilla

Charles’ ex-wife Princess Diana Thea. So build up to the years of this designation. The Palace has even said at the party that Camilla could be King Charles- give the title of ‘Princess Consort’, replacing the traditional ‘Queen Consort’. In keeping with royal precedent, however, the title of ‘Princess Consort’ is absent in British royal history.

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Elizabeth II proclaimed her ‘Queen Consort’

The similar title of ‘Prince Consort’, however, will end the debate when Queen Elizabeth II publicly announces that her son Prince Charles has given Camilla the title of ‘Queen Consort’ to the King.

Maharani Ka has been ruled at the age of 96

Say that British Queen Elizabeth II is settled at the age of 96. Elizabeth II is Britain’s longest-reigning royal. They ruled the British government for 70 years. Buckingham Palace said in a statement- “Balmorel Her Majesty has been settled this afternoon.” The King and Queen Consort are at Balmorelange this evening. Ve call London will see.’ After Maharani Ki Maut, their biggest bet is Prince Charles, who is now the United King.


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