Raksha Bandhan’s Deepika Khanna on ‘Double Decker’ line- ‘Autowalas, strangers ask me to lose weight’

It took actress Deepika Khanna seven years to finally make her film debut Akshay Kumar’s Film Raksha Bandhan. Born and brought up in Mumbai, he appeared in many commercials, serials and shows and paved the way for young actors. Talking about this to the Hindustan Times, “I am not someone who has so many options to choose from. The type of work or writer I get is limited.”

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Bollywood claims to be a boiling pot of talent across the country. So how relevant is the debate about beauty standards in the industry in the 21st century? Dipika says, β€œIt’s not about what people think. It is honestly written about what he wants. Now things have changed a bit, I get very interesting jobs. I come from a race where you are either thrown or hunted. I am not a trained player. I was wrong, and I learned from them, so I think the 7 years are justified. I love the way it looks, it’s been an amazing journey. “

Deepika is suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), due to which her weight has increased by 10 kg. Speaking about his experience in the film business, he said, “It opens up the industry to more actors.” Different places, colors, and all kinds of bodies. I love this kind of reception.” Read also; Smrithi Srikanth refutes claims that the Raksha Bandhan promotions were fake

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While Deepika was self-conscious two years ago and was intimidated by other actors, now she has turned her weight into her USP. “I indeed…

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