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Paul Printer

Paul Printer

Personal Biography

Paul Prenter, a former British director of A&R, was born in August 1946 and died in 1991.

Since he ran Freddie Mercury from London, he was able to anticipate things like the artist’s trademarks.

A famous British singer, songwriter and record producer named Freddie Mercury.

Full name: Paul Printer
Boy: August 1946 (age 45)
Die: 1991
place of birth: London, England, UK
nationality: British
parents: Unavailable
Children: Unavailable
to rise: 1.75 m
Brothers: Unavailable
Wife • Husband: single
Girlfriend • Partner: Unavailable
works: Talent Manager • A&R
net value: 2.5 million US dollars

previous life

In August 1946, Paul Prenter was born in London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

He was also a citizen of England and held British citizenship.

Other than that, there is no information available regarding his date of birth, parents, siblings or early life.

However, we assume that his parents brought him up well in his hometown as a child.

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There is no information available on the academic credentials or educational background of Paul Prenter.

We can also assume that he obtained his academic credentials from a reputable English university.

career path career path

Paul Prenter first met famous rock musician Freddie Mercury in a bar in 1975.

He quit his job and joined the band’s management group after meeting the lead singer of The Queen. He used to help musicians with their shows, and had a special relationship with the band’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury.

The friendship between Paul Prenter and Freddie Mercury began well in their own stories. Sources claim that he was also Freddy’s boyfriend.

In addition, they kept a secret romantic relationship for a while, which they hid from the general public. When he was Freddy’s manager, he would help Freddy with his shows. The relationship between Quinn and her promoter deteriorated after the release of the album “Hot Room” in 1982.

The success of this album was not as successful as Queen’s previous recordings. So everyone in the band, except Freddy, blamed Paul Prenter for the album’s failure.

Some managerial choices, such as refusing to promote the record on radio, were attributed by the band members to Paul Prenter. Jim Hutton claims Paul Prenter received £32,000 for disclosing information about Freddy’s illness to a prominent newspaper.

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Freddy’s photo with his other friends. It is assumed that Paul Prenter and Freddie Mercury severed their business and personal relations after these events. He continued to run the band for a few more years, though.

net value

He had a moderate income from his position as the manager of the popular band “Queen”. At the time of his death, Paul Prenter’s net worth was estimated at $2.5 Million US Dollars.