Rice production likely to drop by 10-12 million tons in autumn- Govt

Rice production likely to drop by 10-12 million tons in autumn- Govt

Minister of Food- Rice production may decrease by 10-12 million tons in the autumn season

New Delhi-

The Indian government said, on Friday, that India’s production of rice may decrease by 10-12 million tons during the autumn season this year, due to the decrease in the area of ​​rice sowing.

However, Food Minister Sudhanshu Pandey assured that the country would have surplus rice production.

He pointed out that the rice area has decreased by about 38,000 hectares so far in the current autumn season due to the lack of rain in many states.

The autumn season contributes about 80 percent of India’s total rice production.

“The loss of rice production may reach 10 million tons and in the worst case it can reach 12 million tons this year,” he told reporters here.

However, the minister said this is a preliminary estimate based on area reduction and average yield.

Pandey said the decline in production may be less because yields may improve in states where the rains fall well.

Total rice production during the 2021-22 crop season (July-June) is estimated at 130.29 million tons. It is 13.85 million tons higher than the average production of the past five years of 116.44 million tons.

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The minister did not respond to a question about whether the government would extend the free food grain program to Prime Minister Gharib Kalyan Anna Yojana.