Road Safety- Top 5 Lesser Known Traffic Rules in India That Can Make You Hardcore | Car News

The accident of the former head of Tata Sons Cyrus Mistry drew everyone’s attention to traffic rules, safety and traffic violations. Moreover, the Indian government is getting stricter regarding traffic rules and road safety violations. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari urged manufactured cars to implement certain measures in oncoming vehicles to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers. Because it’s all about driver safety. Here we have compiled a list of the lesser known traffic rules that you should be aware of and they will help you not to be fined next time. Here are lesser known traffic rules you need to know.


Appropriate clothing while riding / driving

Timid? As per the Motor Vehicles Act, you are required to wear stable clothing while driving or driving in India. As per the rules, two-wheeled riders are required to wear fully closed shoes when riding their vehicle. If they are found to be violating the law, they can face a fine of Rs 1,000. Similarly, while driving, the person behind the wheel must wear a T-shirt or T-shirt accompanied by full-length pants, or can be fined Rs 2,000.

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More than one driver’s license

If a person is found to have two driving licenses, they will be required to pay a fine. One possibility is that you may have one of your old driver’s licenses and your new one. If both licenses are found, this offense will be penalized.

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using the phone

We all know that talking or using your phone while driving can definitely make you irritable, but there is an exception. Any rider/driver is allowed to use his phone while his vehicle is operating for navigational purposes only; Using it for anything else will definitely result in a fine. One can get a fine of up to Rs 5,000 if they find a violation of the law.

Obstruction of emergency vehicles

Every citizen has a moral obligation to allow emergency vehicles to reach the roads. However, if someone is found to be blocking or obstructing the road of any of these vehicles, they can be sentenced to imprisonment for up to 6 months or a fine of up to Rs 10,000. Among them are a fire truck, an ambulance, a police car and other emergency vehicles.

Unfit to drive

Everyone understands that it is against the law to drive while intoxicated or under the influence of any substance, but the law also prohibits a person from driving if they are mentally or physically unable to do so. Additionally, if you are caught doing so, you may face fines of 1,000 rupees for the first offense and 2,000 rupees for the second.

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