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21 February 2021 RSCIT Answer Key  – Vardhman Mahaveer Open University (VMOU) Kota has led the examination of RSCIT on 21 February 2021 [SUNDAY] in many examination centers. Many applicants have appeared in the RSCIT RKCL exam, and now the examination department is preparing to deliver the RSCIT Answer KEY 21 February 2021. We can tell you that you can download the RKCL Exam 21 February 2021 from this page.

RSCIT Exam 21 February 2021 Answer Key

The examination of RSCIT RKCL is administered 3 or 4 times each year by Vardhman Mahaveer Open University Kota. This time the Rajasthan State Certificate in Information Technology (RSCIT) examination was conducted on 21 February. 8 to 10 days after the completion of the examination, the department issues the rscit answer key 21 Feb 2021 pdf on its official website, whose direct link is provided to candidates at the end of this post.

RSCIT Answer Key 21 February 2021 – Some top institutes solve the paper and release it on their informal answer key website shortly after completion of the examination. For more information, you can visit the department’s website i.e. https://myrkcl.com/.

VMOU RKCL RSCIT Answer Key 21 February 2021

Q.1 Which of the following services can not be availed by using an e-friend service web portal

Ans: Share files between mobiles

Q.2: …………………… can be used to transfer files between two or more mobile devices

Ans: Bluetooth

Q.3: Combination is key

Ans: Alt Control Shift

Q.4: What is the use of the zoom slider in MS Word 2010?

Ans: Increased viewing area for reduced viewing

Q.5: What is the use of the freeze pen command in MS Excel 2010?

Ans: To keep the row and column headings level so that they do not scroll while scrolling the worksheet.

Q.6: Suppose there are some numerical values ​​in cells b1 B2 and B3 in MS axle. What is the correct formula to find the minimum value in these cells?

Ans: = MIN (B1, MIN (B2, B3))

Q.7: …………… ..Unlock Android device using a specific swipe pattern with a series of 9 dots in the screen lock option

Ans: Pattern

Q.8: What is the main purpose of SSO single sign-on?

Ans: Reducing help desk costs, increasing customer satisfaction, increasing productivity, all of this

Q.9: Cannot be inserted in the slide of MS Powerpoint 2010

Ans: Modem

Q.10: …………. I am usually asked by email to let users click on a link and enter their personal data

Ans: Fishing Attack

Q.11: For which field are the Indian IT Act 2000 laws prepared?

Ans: Information Technology

Q12: Application is not an example of software

Ans: Flash Memory

Q.13: The process of writing music photo documents like data on CD / DVD is commonly called

Ans: Burning

Q.14: What is the full name of SMPT

Ans: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Q.15: To see what the document looks like before the document is printed, use which command?

Ans: Print Preview

Q.16: …………… .. uses encryption techniques to provide evidence of original and unrelated documentation

Ans: Digital Signature

Q.17: In MS Word 2010 selects a location or text that you identify for name and future reference

Ans: Bookmarks

Q.18: Which of the following comes under Income Tax Services

Ans: PAN card application and update

Q.19: Select a valid example of the email card from the following options

Ans: [email protected]

Q.20: What is the full name of MOOCs

Ans: Massive Open Online Courses

Q.21: Choose the strongest password from the following.

Ans: Vmou @ Rscit123

Q.22: What is the full name of UPI

Ans: Unified Payment Interface

Q.23: What will be the output of = LEN (“VMOU RSCIT”) in MS Excel 2010?

Ans: 9

Q.24: For Rajasthan, SaaS (Software SA Service), PaaS (Platform Aja Service) based on End 2 and Cloud-enabled

Ans: Raj Megh

Q.25: Which tab do bullet and numbering occur in MS Word 2010?

Ans: Home

Q.26: What is the use of restore point in window 10

Ans: To recover computer in case of computer malfunction

Q.27: How can you classify computer systems according to speed storage and performance

Ans: Super, Mainframe, Mini, Micro

Q.28: In MS Excel 2010 chart the actual value of the data point is

Ans: Data Label

Q.29: enables you to choose how far to move the paragraph in the document from the left-right margin

Ans: Indent

Q.30: Examples of superscript and subscript are

Ans: X2 (on top of the word), X2 (on the bottom of the word)

Q.31: Window 10 is present at the bottom of the user interface, usually it contains a menu in Start.

Ans: Taskbar

Q.32: The abbreviation for the modem is

Ans: Modulator – D Modulator

Q.33. Statement 1: Secondary memory is a Bolentile memory.
Statement 2: ROM a non-volatile memory
Choose the appropriate option from the following:

(A) Statement 1 is correct and statement 2 is wrong
(B) Statement 1 is false and statement 2 is correct
(C) Both statement 1 and statement 2 are wrong
(D) Both statement 1 and statement 2 are correct

Ans.  B

Q. 34. …… .. Windows 10 is present at the bottom of the user interface and usually has a Start menu.

(A) Taskbar
(B) icon
(C) Microsoft
(D) Firewall

Ans.  A

Q. 35. Modem, ………. Is it an abbreviation for?

(A) Model-demoulded
(B) Motion-device
(C) Mission decommissioning
(D) Modulator-Demodulator

Ans. D

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