Russia claims to have won some land in the Ukraine war, and Europe’s largest nuclear plant is in danger in the village of Zaporizhia.

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Russia war in Ukraine


  • The war is expected to last for several months
  • Zaporizhia nuclear power working at your location
  • At any one time it may be completely closed

Russia Ukraine War- The Russia-Ukraine war has been going on for the past few months with no results in sight. Both are claiming to increase their own country. He claimed the same Acrania that we began to control a large village in your response to the Russian troops in the former part of the country on Friday, stressing his security. Then proceeded to an important transport link.

The war is expected to last for several months

Top US politicians and NATO chiefs have mentioned the incident. However, they cautioned that fears persist for months of war. He said that he had restarted the Russian pontoon pool, which helped the Dnieper River to perform by supplying Kherson and As-Pas to his area. The army’s South Common said that Ukrainian artillery and rockets that crossed the Amaral River rendered all the pools unusable.

Zaporizhia nuclear power working at your location

In the middle of this, European-Russia war has come to Europe’s biggest nuclear power, high-risk Kedenza is working in your position. The leader of Ukraine’s nuclear information power up said on Friday. The six-reactor Zaporizhia Autobik power plant came under Russian military control at the start of the war last February, but was criticized by Ukrainian authorities. The approach and nearby areas have been subject to repeated shelling and have been blamed on both Russian and Ukrainian troops. Power lines were finally cut on Monday to add to the package co-areki power grid and there is no outside source of power. Only one of six hectares in the west is getting electricity to build security, it is feared. The country’s nuclear operator Energoatom said on Friday that the firing was unlikely because the outer line would work.

At any one time it may be completely closed

“The situation could be normalized in Russian Zaporizhia estimated energy policy by creating a security zone around the refund from the edit,” Energotom head Petro Kotin on Akrania TV Kotin on Friday. What is the only polystor can be stopped completely at some point and then the power source will be the diesel generator. He said that there are 20 generators on site and enough diesel fuel for 10 days. After that, the generator would require around 200 tonnes of diesel fuel per day, which is unlikely to be supplied, he said.

Four people were killed in shelling in the city of Kharkiv

Some accounts of Akranians in the south and east and fighting in the northern region continued on Friday. Sumy region governor Dmytro Levitsky said Russian planes bombed a hospital in the town of Velika Eisarivka, on the Sati border with Russia. He said the building we destroyed and many people are getting injured. According to regional governor Oleh Sinihubov, four people were killed in the shelling in the city of Kharkiv. City care Ihor Terkhov said the shelling continued on Friday afternoon and 10 people were killed.


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