Russia-Ukraine War- Ukraine Goes to Nuclear Reciprocity, Find Out What Russia Could Be

Russia-Ukraine War - India TV Hindi News
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Russia-Ukraine War


  • Reciprocal attacks on Russian control of Ukraine have begun
  • Russian mutual arms seized the military during the war in Bombardier
  • Ukrainian gradually strengthen your position, morale of your troops

Russia-Ukraine War- The Russia-Ukraine war will end with no borders in sight. Russia’s Himalayan natural environment in Russia is also very harmful. Now there is news that an experiment is slowly being started again behind your back. He is worried about Russia. The Darasal Analukel meets Acrania’s energy needs while also having a larger shell to protect it. So we are able to protect your spirit power again from Ukrainian Russia.

If Ekanta can completely smooth your way naturally then the tasks related to his pent up energy will be faster and this will also be worrying for Russia. Because a psychological pressure has been created on Russia. On the other hand, Ukraine’s self-confidence will increase. Ukraine is a small country against Russia, but with the help of NATO and the US, it is fighting Russia’s strong position. Little by little your Russian vassals are also demanding independent rights one by one. They are a disappointment to Russia and its troops.

Zaporizhia was liberated from Russian military control

Europe’s largest nuclear power plant has been operating in emergency mode with increased risks as the Ukraine-Russia war rages. The leader of Ukraine’s nuclear information power up said on Friday. The six-reactor Zaporizhia Autobik power plant came under Russian military control at the start of the war last February, but was criticized by Ukrainian authorities. The approach and nearby areas have been repeatedly shelled and blamed on both Russian and Ukrainian forces. The last power line connected to the Araqi power grid in the west was cut on Monday and there is no external source of power in the west and only a safety measure is likely to come from the reactor in the west. there is

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Outer lines starting from Russian Bambari are unlikely
The country’s nuclear operator Energoatom said on Friday that the firing was unlikely because the outer line would work. “The situation at the Zaporizhia NPP can be normalized by refunds from the establishment and the creation of a security zone around it,” Energoatom chief Petro Kotin told Akranyri TV Kotin on Friday. And in the northern area, the war continues on Friday. Sumy Region Governor Dmytro Levitsky said the Russian planes landed at the hospital’s barracks in the town of Velika Eisarivka on the border with Russia. The construction they built was destroyed and many people were injured. Four people were killed in the shelling in the Kharkiv region, according to regional governor Oleh Sinihubov.

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