Ryan Reynolds says he wants to slide in Ranveer Singh’s DMs- ‘I’m sure everyone in India wants to do the same’

Ryan Reynolds Once again Ranveer Singh was praised. The Hollywood actor said that he wants a DM (personal message) from Ranveer like many others in India. Ryan and Ranveer earlier had fun on the internet after they later lent their voice to the former’s character in the Hindi version of Deadpool 2. Read also Ryan Reynolds signature ‘Best Indian Food in Europe’ makes small restaurants famous


Ryan recently joined hands with Rob McElhenney Disney+ Hotstar The Welcome to Wrexham series, which sees his journey to becoming a partner and taking ownership of the national league association Wrexham AFC football club. His journey to becoming a business partner basically started with DM.

In a recent interview with India Today, Ryan and Rob were asked to name any Indian actors whose Dms would slide into them. While Rob said he wasn’t taking any names because his wife Caitlin Olsen was also watching the interview; Carl wasted no time in captivity Ranveer SinghThe name of

Ryan said, “Ranveer Singh to me,” suggesting Robb say, “he is the Ryan Reynolds of India, right, and vice versa.” Ryan humbly replied, “I don’t know if I am Ranveer Singh. I’m trying to be.” According to a report in India Today, Ryan also had this to say about Ranveer becoming a DM- “I’m sure everyone in India wants to do that too.”

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Earlier in 2018, Ranveer lent his voice for the Spanish version of Deadpool 2.