Saints Row Backlash Explained: Why This Reboot Is Already Getting So Much Fan Hate

See, the original Saints row games (Saints line 1-4 and their various add-ons) used a famously over-the-top, take no prisoners style of humor to which it has often been compared. South Park. This Saints row Series have historically found ways to make a name for themselves and stand out from the competition (most notably GTA franchise), and that style of humor and general absurdity have long been its greatest weapons in that fight.

Generally speaking, Saints row‘s ridiculousness has been its greatest asset. You may or may not find things like dildo bats, dubstep guns, or car repair shop “rim jobs” funny, but the franchise’s willingness to really lean in that direction definitely helped it find an audience. To be very fair, that approach also contributes to some Saints rowThe best moments. There aren’t many games that start with a gang leader becoming president of the United States only to eventually acquire superpowers that they use to defeat aliens, but that’s exactly what this game is like. Saints row 4 offers.

However, wanting to go all the way over the top and skewer meant just that Saints row Often went too far. This Saints row Games have historically been filled with homophobia, racism, countless instances of sexual violence against women played for laughs, and countless other brutal content often justified in the name of parody.

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The series actually got a little better in that regard as it went on (honestly, some Saints row moments and characters perfectly healthy in their own right), but there’s a degree to which embracing the franchise at its best means being willing to tolerate, ignore, or yes, love the games at their worst. At times, aggressive nature Saints row The series became one of its defining characteristics.

From scratch, the developers of 2022 Saints row Reboot is clear about their desire to target some Saints row‘s most objectionable elements while trying to retain some of the absurdity that helped make the rest of the franchise work. In an interview With GamesIndustry.bizSaints Row creator Rob Loftus offered this explanation for the team’s desire to not only reboot the franchise, but to re-examine some of the themes on which the franchise was built:

“It wasn’t a choice where somebody on the publishing side, or somebody on the business side, said, ‘You know what? Social tastes have changed and we need to change. Saints row. It was our own thinking that led to this … I think a lot of content creators and brands are trying to expand their audience. And that means not associating with that kind of humor. It’s about engaging with the type of humor that’s more appropriate for a larger audience.”

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