Sea lion jumped into a boat to escape from killer whales, watch the terrifying video From Killer Velran, the name for the doctor is Sea Lion, watch the video walla

British Columbia, British Columbia Sea Lion, British Columbia Killer Whale - India TV Hindi News
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  • Killer Whale ditches the Sea Lion name for Doctor Who.
  • The name was filled with water and he caved one time.
  • The weight of sea lions at Now Per Camp was around 300 to 350 kg.

Ottawa- Canada and British Columbia can be seen in the sea. After a small C name 2 people were surprised when their name changed to a sea lion size. The gravity of the situation can be estimated from the fact that his small boat was saved from drowning in this incident. He may be named for bravery from the sea lion killer vel, although his name is aided by both beasts of the rider.

‘Killer Vel Dewa Kochui We Are Shutting Down The Engine’

Ernest and Willia Godeck report on the incident on the Victoria fishing Pedder Bay where they spotted 3 killer whales. They stop kanjin the name of Vel Kochur. The leader of the two said something when their names were called down, and whether he could still remember anything, a sea lion touched his name.

British Columbia, British Columbia Sea Lion, British Columbia Killer Whale

Image Source- Representational on Pixabay

Although the Sea Lion somewhat dropped from this late name.

‘Sea lion thodi returned to water after this late’
Ernest and Vidyuya Gudek said that this incident had saved our name from drowning. He said, ‘Hamari nav men pani bhajan tha laga tha. We hope that’s where our name changes. Ganimat wondered if this was happening and after giving the sea lion a bite, went back into the water.’ Ne Ki Si Loan on both sides drew back on the seashore, and followed suit.

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‘Sea lion ka weight should be around 300-350 kg’
Make a video of the whole incident with the names nearby and the people there. Is the weight going to be around 300-350 km, with the names of Cian Ernest and Vilia Godek coming up. Similarly it can be said that both had better choice which is not their name Polti.


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