Shark Tank Aus Investor Janine Allis Husband Jeff Allis Net Worth Comparison And Age Difference

Shark Tank Aus Investor Janine Allis Husband Jeff Allis net worth comparison and age difference

After appearing in Australian Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice Australia and Shark Tank, Australian investor Janine Ellis has received a lot of attention.

Janine and her husband Jeff started the largest and fastest growing juice and juice store chain in the Southern Hemisphere. Before coming up with their product idea and bringing it to market in 2000, they spent a year going to different companies in the US who were in a similar situation.

There are currently 13 Boost Juice stores around the world. The first opened in Adelaide, South Australia, in 2006.

She is also known for starting Fresh Mex Grill and Cibo Espresso from Salsa, both of which are well known fast food restaurants in Australia. She had a long list of jobs, but the one that made her famous was on the hit TV show Shark Tank.

Like her, her husband Jeff is a well known person. He was responsible for programming at Austereo, Australia’s largest radio station.

Not only that, but he was ultimately in control of everything that was shown on the Today and Triple M networks, and he soon realized that every rating point in the media battle was worth millions of dollars in advertising revenue.

Australian Shark Tank Investor and Husband Janine Ellis How Much Does Steve Ellis Earn?

Idolnetworth says Janine Allis, an Australian business owner, has a net worth of over $75 million.

Through her various businesses, she is making the most of her money. Jeff, her husband, has a net worth of over $50 million together. Janine makes more money in general, and has a lot of different sources of income, such as her work on several TV shows.

Janine owns four businesses, including the well-known retail zoo, which does business both at home and abroad. The joint business is expected to bring in more than $2 billion. She took advantage of the opportunity when Barn Capital invested money in the company and then sold it for a huge profit.

However, she and her husband still have a lot of stock in the company. According to what they thought would happen, the company is growing and will make more money soon.

Janine and Jeff Ellis, who own Boost Juice, sold their Toorak property for $20 million in 2019 after looking into it. No one knows how much the house sold, but when it was on the market, it was between $20 million and $22 million.

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In 2000, Jeff Ellis and his wife Janine started Boost Juice, which is now the largest and fastest growing chain of juice and juice stores in the Southern Hemisphere. They were inspired to do so by similar stores they had seen in the US the previous year.

Jeff was responsible for programming at Austereo, which at the time was Australia’s largest radio network. Responsible for everything aired on the Today and Triple M networks, he quickly realized it was a media war where every rating point was worth millions of dollars in advertising revenue.

The task at hand was to find the right people to carry out the strategy in the air. During his time at the top, he employed and worked with Eddie McGuire, Mick Molloy, Andrew Denton, and many other well-known radio personalities. He also gave Hamish and Andy a big break and moved Kyle Sandilands out of the bush into town.

Since Jeff has been known for his rate-or-death approach on radio, it’s safe to say his time at the top has always been six years too short. He only knew Janine for seven days before deciding that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Boost is made possible by the efforts of these two highly creative business owners working together.

They couldn’t be more different, but everyone who knows them agrees that they respect each other’s skills. Based on this, Jeff was responsible for Boost’s marketing and business strategy, while Janine was the true superwoman who made it all work. Together, they have turned an idea into a brand that is popular in the Australian market and worth millions of dollars.

After eight grueling years at the helm, Janine decided to focus on Boost’s growth in other countries. In 2007, Jeff left radio to take over as CEO. If Boost was Janine’s baby, Retail Zoo was Jeff’s. Transform Boost Juice from a single-brand company into a powerful international multi-brand retail company. The first business they purchased was the Salsa Fresh Mex Grill, which has grown from four locations to more than 60. In 2012, Cibo Espresso was added. Retail Zoo now sells four brands- Boost, Salsa’s, Cibo, and Hatch. These brands can be found in more than 400 stores in more than ten countries.

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Today, Jeff is often asked to talk about how Boost Juice succeeds and grows, as well as what it takes to start a business that makes a lot of money.

Bain Capital, co-founded by former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, bought a 70% stake in The Retail Zoo for $185 million in May 2014. Jeff and Janine Ellis still own stock in the company. Jeff will remain chairman of the board, and Janine Ellis will remain CEO.

Australian businesswoman Janine Ellis started Boost Juice and is a co-owner of Retail Zoo, which owns Boost Juice, Salsa Fresh Mex Grill and Cibo Espresso (born in 1965).

Alice started Boost Juice from her home in 2000. The first Boost Juice store was in Adelaide, South Australia. The company now has locations in 13 different countries.

Alice is also a director of Michael Hill Jewelers in addition to being a director of Retail Zoo.

Janine Alice

Janine Alice

Janine Alice’s career

Alice started working for advertising company McCann-Erickson as a media assistant when she was 17 years old. After that, she started modeling and worked as an assistant manager in a gym. Early in her career, she also worked as a babysitter in France, a sales representative in Portugal, and a camp consultant in the United States. Alice has also worked as the Senior Director of a Singapore movie theater chain, publicist for United International Pictures, publisher, author, and travel agent for American comedians.

Janine Alice bought the zoo

Alice and her husband decided to diversify their business after growing their own juice company. They did this by creating Retail Zoo, a holding company they use to buy and grow other retail food businesses.
In 2007, Retail Zoo bought its first chain, which was called Salsa Fresh Mex Grill and had four locations.

In 2012, Retail Zoo purchased 20 Cibo Espresso stores for A$15 million.

Retail Zoo opened its first Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Company in 2014. It is part of a chain of American-style hamburger restaurants.

In 2010, Riverside paid an unknown amount for a stake in Retail Zoo. Alice was still in charge at the time.

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Four years later, Riverside sold its stake to Bain Capital.

After the purchase, 70% of the business was owned by Bain and 30% owned by Allis.

Presence on TV

Allis appeared as “The Shark” on the Australian version of the TV show Shark Tank.
In 2019, Allis was a contestant on the sixth season of Australian Survivor. She finished sixth before being fired on day 44.

In 2021, Alice was a guest on the fifth season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

Allis returned to The Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2022 as Lord Sugar’s boardroom advisor.

The age difference between Janine Ellis and Jeff Ellis

Based on what I found online, it appears that the husband of the businesswoman, Jeff Ellis, is between 55 and 60 years old. Janine Ellis has lived for 56 years. Jeff revolves around the age range he thought, so they might be two or three years old.

Janine was born in 1965 in Melbourne, Victoria. When she was 17, she started working as a media assistant at advertising company McCann Ericsson. A businesswoman later became a model and worked as an assistant manager in a gym. Early in her career, she also worked as a camp counselor in the United States, a promotions executive in Portugal, and a babysitter in France.

She has won many awards during her career. She was awarded the title of Victorian Businesswoman by Telstra in 2004. The Australian Excellence Council awarded her the International Excellence Award 2010.

With continued praise, in 2012 she was also awarded the Australian Export Heroes. The Style Award and the Audi Women of Style Award were also awarded. In 2015, her company awarded her this award.

Janine Alice's husband

Janine Alice’s husband

The ages of Janine Ellis and Jeff Ellis are different

Janine Alice is a well-known businesswoman who has four children with her husband, Jeff Alice. Their children are Riley, 22, Tahlia, 12, Samuel, 30, and Oliver.

Janine said on the podcast I Don’t Know How To Do that she decided to have her husband’s vasectomy reversed when she was 39 and on a business trip in South Korea. She did it so that her children would not be far apart in age.

She makes her personal life look more interesting when she posts pictures of Janine and her kids on social media. She is happy with her husband and children at the moment.