She-Hulk Episode 2: The Weird MCU History of Abomination and Hulk

Blonsky fights the Hulk three times in the film: once as a normal human, a second time with enhanced powers, and a third time as the Abomination, where he destroys Harlem and comes very close to taking out the big green man before. The latter turns the tables and brings down the Abomination – alive, but wounded and contained.


So when Jennifer is tasked with getting parole for Blonsky, after nearly 15 years in prison and seemingly in denial about his bad behavior, she naturally wants to call her cousin Bruce and see – he’s completely done with the case. Before accepting – if there is any lingering bad. Resentment on his part at dealing with blood (so to speak) or his abomination.

The good news: There isn’t. It leads to one of the funniest meta moments ever She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Talking to Jennifer on the phone, Bruce (in his smart Hulk form) tells his cousin not to worry about him because, as he says, the fight with Blonsky happened a long time ago and he (Bruce) is “a completely different person now. is — literally.” Cut to Jennifer, who pauses, looks directly at the camera and gives us a little “ha ha”.

You see, Marvel fans everywhere know Bruce, played by Mark Ruffalo, tells the truth not only metaphorically but, as he said, quite literally. The Hulk/Bruce Banner who fought the Abomination to a bloody draw The Incredible Hulk Played by Edward Norton, whose A tense, troubled, one-and-done journey in the MCU It ended with the movie and paved the way for Ruffalo to take over.

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“It’s very much in keeping with the meta-ness of the classics She-Hulksays series lead writer Jessica Gao when asked about the context by Den of Geek. “That sentence was actually written by one of our writers, Jacqueline Gales. It was just a brilliant line where she was like, ‘Oh, he should definitely say, you know, I’m a completely different man now.’ And it works on so many levels, because he’s a different actor, but also, even in his physical form on the show, he’s a different person.”

of course, The Incredible Hulk has Long considered an outcast, the black sheep, whatever you want to call it, of the MCU. Only the second film produced and released under the Marvel Studios shingle iron man As of two months ago, it remains the only MCU movie distributed by Universal Pictures due to the company’s existing hold on some rights to the character (Marvel still Can’t make a single Hulk film As long as Universal retains its option — though There have been rumors That contract expires in 2023.