She-Hulk (Immortal) – Aumag The Talks Today

She-Hulk (Immortal) is a 5-star rarity character with the affiliations Heroes, Avengers, Team Iron Man, Gamma Mutates, and Enhanced and features a toolkit that includes As Above, …Makes Me Stronger, and So Below.

The bigger you are, the harder you fall – literally. As above deals 2436 damage and sends the target flying for 1 round(s). (PASSIVE) When an enemy returns from the air, they take damage equal to 5% of their maximum health.

What does it mean to be immortal? What if it’s not me – what if it’s the last time? With …makes me stronger (PASSIVE) She-Hulk revives at 25% of her max health and casts So Below when downed if there are undead allies in her team’s next turn. Whenever She-Hulk is revived, she permanently deals 30% more damage and takes 25% more damage (this effect stacks up to 3 times).

The Below Place can’t hold She-Hulk. Use So below, Jen destroys the bottom red and green tiles in up to 3 random columns and all tiles below them. Tiles destroyed in this way deal 75% damage but generate no AP.

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