She-Hulk Showrunner Hints at World War Hulk MCU Story

This post contains spoilers She-Hulk- Attorney at Law Episode 2

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And just like that, the Hulk is off the planet again. Midway through the second episode of She-Hulk- Attorney at LawJane calls her cousin Bruce to get his blessing to take a new job, which will require her to defend Bruce’s old nemesis. The Incredible Hulk, Emil Blonsky aka Abomination. Bruce of course agrees but then reveals that he can’t do much because he’s on a spaceship headed for Sakaar, the same ship whose sudden appearance in one episode caused an accident that led to Jane getting Bruce’s gamma-irradiated blood into her system. While Bruce is featured heavily in the first episode and then goes away, it makes sense to bring viewers in but overshadow the main character, this plot bit may be more than a narrative convention.

speaking together direct, She-Hulk Showrunner Jessica Gao confirmed that the spaceship opens the door for another Hulk story. In the series premiere, Bruce refers to the spacecraft as a “Class A Sakaran Courier Craft”. MCU fans will remember that Sakaar is the planet that Bruce was last alive when he suddenly went off-planet, stuck in Hulk form. Thor- Ragnarok. While that film gave us a glimpse into Hulk’s life as a gladiator for the Grandmaster’s amusement, it mostly focused on his escapades with Thor.

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But Gao says the story opens up many more possibilities. “Well, I’ll just say that, you know, he spent a lot of time off-planet as we’ve seen. Thor- Ragnarok” Gao teased. “And, we got to see a little bit of what his life was like when he was on that planet.”