Sidhu Moose Wala’s song Jaandi Vaar to be released by Salim Merchant, part of the revenue will go to the parents of the late singer

a musician A merchant of salt it was announced recently by the singer Sidhu No one elseThe full song will be released next month. Taking to Instagram, Salim shared a video in which he explained how and why he decided to collaborate with Sidhu. In the clip, Salim also reveals that part of the proceeds from the song will be given to Sidhu’s parents. At the end of the video, Salim said that the song sung by Afsana Khan is also Jaandi War and will release on September 2. (Also Read | Sidhu’s father Alces Wala says his son doesn’t know ‘brother will be enemy’,


The clip begins with Salim saying, “Hi, a lot of people have been asking me about the release time of the song I wrote with Sidhu Alces Wala. So now is the time. We recorded the song in July 2021 in Chandigarh. Last year I met Afsana Khan and she introduced me to Sidhu. Knowing Sidhu’s passion for art, music, people, community, ideas, made me very happy and in no time we decided to work together.”

He also added, “The songs were written at my friend Sachin Ahuja’s studio in Chandigarh. We celebrated beautifully, with the touch of the heart and the song of emotions. Sidhu sang this from his heart and Afsana. There is a yoke of beauty in song. Today, Sidhu is not in the middle. But we are his voice and thoughts in this song and that’s why we released this song for Sidhu fans who loved it. And everyone around the world who pleases them…

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