Teaser release of Gauahar Khan’s web series ‘Shiksha Mandal’, explosive disclosure of education system scam

What would be the scale to a good future for any student? Finish school and get a good higher education to build a secure future. But cases of scams in the education system are coming to the fore from every corner of the country. One such web series exposing scams in the education system is ‘Shiksha Mandal’, the teaser of which was released on Friday. In this series, Gauhar Khan is seen in the role of a police officer and after seeing the teaser, it is seen that Gauhar will join the day and night to eradicate the corruption of the education system.

The tagline of MX Player’s original series Shiksha Mandal is ‘India’s Biggest Education Scam’ that is the biggest education scam in the country. The makers claim that the story and series is such that it influences the entire educational system. It is said to be inspired by true events. The series also deals with the irony of the state of education in the country and depicts the sad state of affairs. Recently, the teaser of the web series “Shiksha Mandal” was launched, in which the blackmail malpractice taking place in the education system was highlighted.


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Explosive detection of scams in ‘Shiksha Mandal’
‘Shiksha Mandal’ is directed by Syed Ahmed Afzal. Stars like Gauahar Khan, Gulshan Devaiah and Pawan Malhotra will be seen in this. Three stars shared their opinions about the system’s experience and working education in this web series. Pavan Malhotra said, ‘Asha is the one hope that can help one survivor in every situation. But when you read about scams like these that plague the education system, I don’t know what a student can do. In these times, we can only raise our voice and tell them that we are here for them, even if it is through a web series. A show like ‘Shiksha Mandal’ which is soon to be released on MX Player will be explosive in exposing some such scams and hopefully it will spark a change in the education system in India.


Gauhar Khan said this on the ‘Shiksha Mandal’ and the education system
Gauahar Khan said, “I am very proud of the success stories of Indians around the world who have an educational background from India. We have the best education, but some aspects of the whole system and disturbing news about scams and wrong intentions of some people in completing even basic education leave us shocked. ‘Shiksha Mandal’ as a show brings light to some of these things. I am proud and happy that I got such a strong character, this will be my first experience as a cop. I want the audience to watch it as soon as possible.

Syed Ahmed gave the idea of ​​Shiksha Mandal as follows

‘Shiksha Mandal’ Syed Ahmed Afzal said, ‘The ploy of making teachers unfit for the profession and overthrowing them through various frauds is a dangerous thing to do in the education sector. And it still happens. But the administration made a lot of efforts to prevent fraud. Over time, this scam has deeper roots in the field of education, where tougher action is needed. Since the profession of doctors is so revered in our society, it is even more urgent to eliminate this risk in the first place.

Teaser release of Gauahar Khan's web series 'Shiksha Mandal', explosive disclosure of education system scam
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He further said, “When I first heard the concept that was told to me by the operator Piyush Gupta and MX Player, I was very interested to discover the world where people have thought of education and what has become a scam in modern times.” it is already done. We watched movies, watched web shows and then thought how “Shiksha Mandal” can be different from these. It came to my mind from the idea that such a scam would show different parts of the society that affects the rich, middle class and grassroots people. Hence ‘Shiksha Mandal’ was born. It so happened that ever after the first look of ‘Shiksha Mandal’ was released, we heard several cases of fake doctors being thrown out from different parts of the daily news. The scam is still alive and well and constantly updating itself with the sole intention of finding a bottleneck in the system.
Teaser release of Gauahar Khan's web series 'Shiksha Mandal', explosive disclosure of education system scamWeb Series- This series explores the relationship between lust and deception

“Shiksha Mandal” will reveal the story of today’s biggest scam and corruption, fraud and criminal conspiracy, socially important and important. This web series will soon be broadcast on MX Player.

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