Teasing America from India! Pakistan paid $45 crore for F-16s, defense experts know in full

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  • India’s inclination towards Russia is causing problems for America
  • Divided into two poles, India is a global leader in the middle of the world
  • Western countries led by America and countries led by Russia are also in dire need of India

US defense assistance to Pakistan- which has clearly stated to US President Donald Trump that US President Donald Trump has supported the terrorist organization Taliban and the Haqqani network. There is a complete failure and that America’s Pakistan could not emerge now was not suhata… Now what happened that today the president of the same country has helped Napak with 45 million dollars for F-16 fighter jet aircraft? … Is America trying to create any pressure on India, is America now being torn from our country? …? More damage will be done to India. Who is America itself?… India TV sings the reason behind America’s strategy. Then you first tell you what America said after giving 45 crore dollars to Pakistan….?

The whole world knows if the US is the biggest self-interested country, it probably doesn’t even exist. He sometimes improves his close range from India and sometimes gives open fangs to Pakistan. Sometimes it provokes India to the contrary in the form of Ukraine and sometimes directly and indirectly helps the counter-terrorism in Pakistan. But the same America sometimes gives a lie to India by saying that Pakistan is soft on terrorism. Then America does something and it shows and does something. If he shows something and can do it and do it.

Maj. Gen. Weston K. Howell, the country’s defense expert, tells you the full details of this US strategy, wake up in your mind, be calm and ask every question. Major General Weston has served three times as India-China Border Processing Director. Pak-Pakistan can be seen almost from near. It also explains the strategy of the entire world in detail. He will give three main reasons for giving $450 million to Pakistan—

There are three main reasons for US aid to Pakistan

1. First reason-

Major General Weston said that when Imran Khan was the PM of Pakistan there were many cases where both Trump and Biden were silent. In the meantime, Imran has become closer to China. So Imran may have a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Imran tries to grow closer with Russia. But it’s America that Biden doesn’t like. When the government changed in Pakistan, it made Biden think that the Pakistani government is pro-America. The reason is that Pakistan Army Ka Base is completely owned by the United States. Earlier, Pakistan Army was trained by America. Fanging and weapons were also made available to the US by Pakistan.

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So why Pakistan Army will give him more priority. China cannot give much to Pakistan. Also open up in your writing what China Pakistan can do to help. China just helps Pak to create love province in India. I am trying to give a message to it that if war is fought from India tomorrow then Pak-China will be one. Then Pakistan ka Jhakab was more towards USA that they have advanced weapons and Fanging match. It seems that the Pakistani government has changed the attitude of the United States. It has provided 45 million dollars in aid to Pakistan to replace Biden and Trump. He made some good points on his transition from Pakistan. Intention is the main thing in front.

Another main reason
Major General Weston says that the Taliban still rule in Afghanistan. The main objective of the United States was to eliminate al-Qaeda. Al Qaeda didn’t have their 9/11 here. They have no problem with the Taliban. Peace talks were also held in Qatar between the US and the Taliban. At that time Pakistan Army and PM Shahbaz Sharif were also included in the peace talks. Before the US, the Taliban had a dialogue in Pakistan. Pakistan supports the Taliban. America is also wondering whether Pakistan can control the Taliban. If the Taliban has to be intimidated then Pakistan can do it for them.

America killed al-Zawahiri with the help of Pakistan
Al-Zawahiri died behind the scenes in America. Who was the chief commander of al-Qaeda. Yanni is the head of the terrorist organization that carried out major terrorist incidents like 9/11 in the United States. The drone from which America identified Zawari was also flown from Pakistan. If Pakistan didn’t give it airspace to the US, the US probably wouldn’t be able to target Al-Zawahiri. Major General says intelligence about al-Zawahiri also whistled 200 to America to take Pakistan. He may return to the Good Book of the United States. So now America has again been kind to Pakistan.

Third main reason
According to Major General Weston, the security dimension in the whole world today and the Russia-Ukraine war as well as the Taliban, the Titi-China talk and the border of China have been born from the last two-three years. In Sabke Maddenza’s world again the bunt at the two poles goes wrong. There is a Western bloc. Yani includes western countries. In addition to NATO countries, you can also include Australia and New Zealand from many other countries that are not in Europe Leading Western Bloc Co. America. He is the second block that he is being led by Russia. China is involved directly and indirectly. Directly including countries like North Korea, Iran, Syria.

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India in the role of factional neutrality
He says that India still has no block after that. He is faction neutral. The reason is that India is not a small country today, rather it is playing the role of a major global player. India’s strategic value is also very important. So both America and Russia want to keep India in their own game. India is currently shaping itself a lot in this field. The comment can also be drawn from the fact that India has not supported Russia in this war, but oil and gas are opposed by America and the West. Does that mean we are not opposing Russia? Oil and gas are our energy needs. Developed energy from Russia to build the country. On the other hand, we are also with the Western countries and we are also doing with the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad).

It is not right for the West to ignore India
This time India cannot ignore the Western Block either. If it is observed then it will be against India after China. Again this Western Block is no help to us. This aid did not mean that the military would help, rather it was a strategy of which countries were showing their support. First the country should be indulged. This Bharat Ka Roll is quite critical. Two days ago, Russian President Putin signed the East Asia Forum. Our PM Narendra Modi is there. He said that we get oil and gas from Russia. Apparently it doesn’t like the Western Bloc and its leader America. Major General Weston said that I think that now the United States is logging what India ka to Jhukab their tof jaje.

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It is important to have India on Russia’s side to put pressure on China
India and Russia have a reason to show their inclination. Major General Weston says that the pin point for us is China. That is great tension. China can be controlled by Russia. We think that now Russia will talk about China to reduce its activities with India. Whatever you do, we don’t agree. It seems that the India-China border resolution is also being postponed. The next few days of Modi-Jinping may not even happen to the boy. Russia is doing everything to me. There are two main polices in front of India at this time. One is Chinese military threat and second is India’s energy needs. NRG needs brothers from Russia. On the other hand if China does not do anything on the Indian border then our country can be worry free. For that only Russia can mine China. So India is looking towards Russia. For example, now West Bunny America is facing the problem. The United States feels that Pakistan is also tensed to do India. So now he is supporting Pak. There is pressure on India that we will support Pakistan if you lean over there (toward Russia).

What does America need from India?
India ko to Russia ko support Har Hal in chai. ISIL has always been diplomatic in India-Russia war, saying that issues are resolved through dialogue and diplomacy. But America is not worried about Pakistan and China making it difficult for India. He is concerned about the target. In any case, America needs India’s support. What happened in China-Taiwan is also a country in India that can hurt China. Is it because of China’s long distance from India? India ended its military operations in the Chinese border area. Likewise most of China’s troops will not be used against extraction. India will be a major expansion point for China.
So it is necessary with the United States. Here America also wants India with it in the field of universities. If India is completely with Russia then the Western Bloc will be weak. India’s current strength is estimated by all the world at this time. By supporting Pakistan, India wants to realize that it is not too much for Russia. At some point it became clear that protecting Pakistan somehow meant giving in to internecineism.

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