Terrorism spread by strong earthquake in Palau, Western Pacific Ocean, intensity measured on the Richter scale

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Earthquake news- The earthquake struck at 5-01 a.m. Saturday in Palau, located in the western Pacific Ocean. The magnitude of this earthquake is 6.1, which is considered severe. This earthquake has spread fear among the people. It was 1165 km from Palau Ke Melekok, which was 50 km below the same epicenter land. Although there is no loss of life from the news about the cause of the earthquake. Palau is surrounded by a group of 500 islands. It is now in the Micronesia region of the South Pacific Ocean, according to the National Center of Seismology.

Wind is also strong earthquake in China

Earlier in the week, western China was hit by the first devastating earthquake. The number of digits is 74 and more theses. The earthquake was so strong that 26 people went missing. In the area where the earthquake occurred, the corona virus infection quickly locked up and people seemed to push through the earthquake, although there was no freedom from outside the house. Have a very good temper. A magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck Ki Lungjing County in China’s southwestern Sichuan province on Monday, with houses damaged in the Kadze Tibetan Autonomous Region. Buildings are also hilling in Chengdu, the capital of Sehin Province.

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People are not allowed to leave the house

More than 20 million people download Codelock. The country has been outraged by the country’s covid-19 policy, with people evacuating their homes in fear of having no police and public health after the company. China’s Sichuan is hit by a heavy earthquake on Monday. Bhukon Ke Jhatke so many stops, what happened to the second thing? There are many buildings that can be moved. Earthquake center Luding upazila measured the magnitude of the earthquake at 6.8 on the Richter scale. Places. Rocks also broke and fell on the roads, while people were buried in the debris of buildings in residential areas.

Earthquakes were felt from Kashmir to Kolhapur last day

Our country has also been hit by an earthquake. Earthquake tremors were felt twice in Jammu and Kashmir recently. Both times the epicenter was at a depth of 5 km, 62 km north east of Katara. On the other hand, earthquake tremors were also felt in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur on the night of 25-26 August. The first earthquake was in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The epicenter was 10 square meters.


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