Thai secret plan, ‘Operation The Landon Bridge’, is the first since Queen Elizabeth’s blockade

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Queen Elizabeth II


  • The last rites will last for 10 days
  • That day will be mourned as D Day
  • Liz Truss was called and informed

Queen Elizabeth II- The United Kingdom is ruled by Queen Elizabeth II. He had been on insurance for a long time. She said goodbye to the world at the age of 96. Queen Elizabeth || Most of the time the government is not the ruler. Their bet Charles has been made the new king after Queen Elizabeth II. Charles is almost 73 years old. Queen Elizabeth II also resolved them in the same place for Samar Ki Chhuyan Bitan at Balmoral. Today I can give you a word of guidance. You say that when Elizabeth was not mine, the plan was made before they died to see what would happen when she died.

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A news by the name of ‘Operation London Bridge’ was circulated in England media. What was Abhiyaan London Bridge, when it came out, everyone was in a frenzy. After Elizabeth’s death in this campaign, full planning is underway. An American news website first reported this news. The last rulemaking process was prepared after this death in 1960, and it has since been updated during the Corona period. Leaks of the operation caused an uproar at Buckingham Palace. Theo is annoyed by you and has given instructions for testing.

What is ‘Operation London Bridge’?
Now to understand about the plan. 10 minutes after Elizabeth’s healing, the Place of Whitehall will be flown to the flag. The Prince will then address the world. The last rites will last for 10 days. Queen Elizabeth was buried next to Prince Philip. The day when Maharani Ka Nischint is on London Bridge will be mourned as D-Day. You are the first First Secretary Pahela and the first PM to reach the earthly body to them. After that their guns and cannon salutes are daylight. He will remain in the Parliament building for 3 days to pay any earthly tribute. There is no rhetoric after the PM’s address.

Given to Prince Charles the King
Liz Truske, the new PM, is made after the Queen is cured by a phone call with information. After this the Shahi family closed the eyes of the Maharani under Ne Sari Preparaniyan. Prince Charles has since been declared the new king. However, Prince Charles’ official coronation will take place later. The same middle King Charles has been declared the new King thanks to the kind hands of all his family. According to the rules, the row information regarding the control of the Maharani to the PMK then the Governor General, the Rajdoot to the nation.

Be sure to be careful
The British PM Lease Truss continues its rhetoric under the same tradition of monarchical regulation. They paid tribute to Maharani and said that ‘the late Maharani left behind a great legacy. They also give stability and strength to the country. He said, Maharani K dedent to United Sadam. What a rock on which the modern United was built.’ PM All other mantras are said after waiting.

After this, Prince Charles appeared before the state as part of the condolence message. He will then fill the program with a trip to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to travel to Parliament and take part in consultations. Therefore, the Ministry of Defense arranges cannon salutes in honor of the Queen.


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