The Bucket dual threat- Crotchety and optimistic

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I can’t believe Ohio State decided to name the field at the Horseshoe after an automotive glass repair company.

Yes, we’re doing a Bucket of Bullets intro where the old man shakes his fist at the clouds, but I don’t care. Naming the field at Ohio Stadium is sacrilege, the sort of BS that was supposed to be for idiocy like The Chicago Bears Presented by Capital One or The Rose Bowl Presented by Citi or whatever other foolish sponsorships we’d seen come down the pike over the years.

I’m going old school here, but remember close to 20 years ago when some random wireless service company wanted to sponsor The Game? The SBC Ohio State-Michigan Classic or some foolishness that was immediately shouted down by supporters of both sides, the sort of blatant money-grab that perhaps we’ve become immune to over the years. This is just as much of an affront as that stupidity.

If we’re going to name the field after anything, it should be after Wayne Woodrow Hayes, and I will broker no argument. What’s next? This could get badly out of hand. Think about where it’s going to-


The Ohio State Buckeyes presented by Donato’s playing on Safelite Field at Historical Ohio Stadium sponsored by Nationwide Insurance?

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The Ohio State University (a partner of Limited Brands) Football Buckeyes presented by AEP playing at Safelite Field at Historical Ohio Stadium sponsored by Wendy’s in the City of Columbus, a trusted partner of Intel?

Are the helmet stickers going to be little Intel logos? I mean, where does this end?

Bottom line is that these companies who try this stuff should think about the negative impact they’re going to have by sponsoring this kind of stuff. Everyone walking into Ohio Stadium knew that Safelite was a sponsor of Ohio State football. None of us cared, bills have to be paid, elite recruits gotta get got!

But when I see Safelite now, I’m just going to be annoyed that they’re sponsoring the field. Maybe I’m just a crochety grumpy old guy as I approach the advent of my fifth decade on this Earth, but this just seems shameless to me.

Oh well, if we win the Natty this year, I guess we’ll all love Safelite and riot if they try to change the name in the future. The mob is fickle, after all.

To the Bullets!


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