The delivery of the world’s deadliest fighter F-35 has been stopped, the Pentagon has said – China’s ‘magnet’ in America’s F-35 fighter plane, the Pentagon’s Macha Harkamp, ​​the plane is detained in delivery

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  • F-35 delivery sealed for provisional variant
  • F-35s will operate normally
  • 153 F-35s to be delivered by 2022

World News- One of the world’s biggest battles has sealed the permanent status of the US F-35 delivery aircraft. This fighter network made this fighter jet is made in America but its deliveries to China are stuck due to Philhar. This jet also helps China. This would contravene US user policies as it would result in a ban on the product. A Pentagon statement said the power package was attached to a metal magnet alloy, with no security links to the set.


The Pentagon has no information to share

Defense Department’s Probhakta Ross Gomera said that “Hamnet has confirmed that there is no leak of mag information.” Epurje does not make any compromises to the performance or safety of the aircraft. F-35s in service will operate normally. Pentagon navigation explores alternative sources of alloys for future deliveries of Lockheed Martin navigation. In this regard, the company voluntarily provided information on the use of pre-made in China.

Now the question is how it will happen in the end, I got to know only after testing. It’s not in the pants about how many entanglements have written in this section. Can you deliver 153 F-35s in 2022, before 88 are delivered?

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How many were jets?
America’s F-35 is the most advanced fighter in the world. Sacade will be included in your force. They come in three configurations, the first being the F-35A, which is used by the Air Force. It was the location of the runway for take off and landing. The second is the F35B, which can handle long flights without a runway, and the third is the F35C, which is good for smaller runways for aircraft carriers.

After the news broke, Lockheed Martin said that ‘we don’t disrupt your supply chain. For this we can speak from your respective parts. He also said the F-35 is safe to fly. We note to inform you that the top issue will be resolved and supply will resume. The company says the magnets in the KF-35 are made by Honeywell. It has recently been discovered that the cobalt and samarium used to make it come from China.


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