The thriller 365 Days 3 on Netflix: 5 things to know

One of the most popular movie franchises to come out of streaming juggernaut Netflix is ​​the 365 Days series. The stage turned out to be the ideal setting for the premiere of a romantic drama like this, where the film is accessible enough to appeal to a unique audience. The first two movies were notable hits and as time went on, more and more people started watching them. Despite harsh reviews from critics, 365 Days continues to be one of the most loved movies in recent memory.

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Everything we know about the third 365 Days movie comes from the teaser and a four-minute Netflix clip of the opening scene. When the fourth season of Stranger Things was released, the streaming service used a similar strategy, releasing a clip of the season before the full episode. This strategy seems to have worked for the popular sci-fi program and it is expected to work similarly for the next 365 days.

Read on before unlocking some interesting details about the latest 365 Days movie.

We know about 365 days 3

1) The third installment may be the final installment of the series

Next 365 Days is the third film in the series, and most likely the last. This is because each film tells the story of a book from the trilogy written by Blanca Lipinska, from which the stories for the films were adapted. After the most recent entry, the film series is expected to end with a third book, just like the book series.

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While introducing the sequels to the first film, the author had said:

“I am so grateful that Netflix will adapt TODAY and NEXT 365 DAYS, the final two installments of my 365 Days trilogy, for the big screen. I can’t wait to continue Laura and Massimo’s story and share this new perspective with readers of my books around the world.

2) The third installment was booked immediately following the second installment

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As Netflix announced the second and third series at the same time, it is understandable that the shooting for the sequels took a long time as the makers plan to wrap up the film as soon as possible. After being announced in May 2021, the films were scheduled to start shooting in the next two months.

The two movies were released at different times, however, to preserve some cliffhangers for the audience and ensure a steady flow of viewers. The first part received poor reviews from critics, but the fact that the story was extended into two more episodes says a lot about the popularity of the movies.

3) Where the story could go: A still from the sequel of the movie

Massimo kidnaps Laura and gives her a year to fall in love with him in the first installment, which only deals with the hostage scene. In the second term, both the leaders try to lead a normal life against all odds. The family’s connections to the Mafia provided the plot with the necessary amount of tension.

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The third film takes a more dramatic turn and explores Laura’s reaction to Massimo’s detractors. This includes a strange man who competes for Laura’s affections, which makes the relationship very difficult. Considering the success of the previous films, some aspects are expected to be changed, but the film sticks to the tone it set with them.

4) Actors and Individuals

In addition to Michael Moron and Anna-Maria Ciegluka, who will undoubtedly return as the film’s two main characters, 365 Days 3 is expected to feature Magdalena Lambarska and Otar Saralidze. Creators can keep new characters unlimited to increase fan anticipation.

Simone Sucinna is expected to play the new character Nacho. While the portrayal is expected to be a direct adaptation of the novel, character specifics have not been made public. Since the franchise’s inception, all of the actors—especially Ciegluka and Moron—have become household names with their appearances in 365 Days. This is Sigluka’s first film.

5) What happened at the Red Tower?

The second part’s final twist, based on the hint that Laura Beale is dead, seems based on the first four minutes of the film to be merely a cliffhanger that doesn’t have much significance in the rest of the plot. Released ahead of Netflix’s The Next 365 Days release. Interestingly, a similar cliffhanger was used to grab the audience at the end of the first installment as well.

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This is one of the factors contributing to the franchise’s intense writing criticism from cinephiles around the world. Nevertheless, the films managed to attract fans of the franchise. Massimo’s response upon learning of the child’s death was another cliffhanger from the first film. The upcoming movie is also expected to deal with this topic.

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According to the trailer, the story will be more intriguing and the relationship of the characters will be more complex. Maybe the relationship will lead to some action if the mafia and outsiders are involved.

On August 19, 2022, 365 Days 3 will debut exclusively on Netflix.