Udayiyaan today episode 26 August 2022 Wu Rahmat celebrates his birthday

Hello all Daily Soap lovers, finally the favorite and much awaited TV drama Udayaiyaan is all set to make you feel super on 26th August 2022 as it brings with it the most intense drama with activities that will definitely make you feel. It will make the top. Because Tejo decides to take custody of Rahmat as her whole family spends quality time with her and also bonding. This is the reason why it is not fitting for him to let go of this happiness, to shut his mouth, so that his happiness may be guaranteed.

Then the show will jump as his daughter Rahmat enters her childhood and starts doing what she wants to do. Since he loves boxing and winning at such a young age, it’s in his blood, he thinks about money all the time, which Tejo also worries about. Even Tejo thinks to explain something to him, but he always refuses to run away. But now, it’s Rahmat’s birthday and that’s why he decided to tell Tejo everything that needs to be understood.

Meanwhile, Rahmat thinks that it is her birthday and until now no one has come to wish her which is really distressing, and hence she is also upset. Then suddenly someone knocks on the door with a gift and he thinks that Tejo and his family are there, but he has a friend who has come to celebrate his birthday. Rahmat gets happy and says…

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