UK Prime Minister Liz Truss announces UK government to set cap on domestic energy prices to overcome energy crisis

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss - India TV Hindi News
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UK Prime Minister Liz Truss


  • United’s new PM is big on energy crisis
  • The British government set energy price limits
  • Internal energy pricing frontiers for homes and businesses will remain permanent

UK Lease Truss- United’s new PM Lease Truss Ney Guruwar says he wants to cap gas and electricity to overcome energy crisis. He said his government would set basic energy prices for homes and businesses. The Trust said that two years of “energy cost affordability” would mean that the average bill for gas and electricity would not exceed £2,500 ($2,872) per year.

There are many reasons behind the rise in electricity bills

Lease Truss leader MPs say electricity bills are £3,500 ($4,000) higher since October. He said that in Europe we in Russia are due to covid-19 causing economic and disaster and disaster is skyrocketing. “We’re trying to get this country out of the winter and the crisis ahead and get rid of the root causes of high prices,” he said.

The opposition party Labor targeted the party
Businesses and public organizations like hospitals and schools help, but for 6 months instead of 2 years. The government has said that an increase in the inflation rate at this border would be four to five percent. Inflation reached 10.1 percent in July and rose to 13 percent year-to-date. The opposition Labor Party said that means the British tax bill will be tabled.

United’s most diverse cabinet
Say your first cabinet meeting is on London 10th of Budhwar after the announcement of the various Cabinets of the first British PM Liz Truss. People belonging to ethnic minority communities have been included in important positions in this Mantramandal. Suella Braverman of Indian origin has been appointed as Home Minister. Also included is Alok Sharma of Indian origin. Ben Wallace remains in the Cabinet as Minister of Defense. In addition, the cabinet is well constituted. London-born junior Ranil Jayawardene has been promoted to the post of Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.


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