Urfi Javed gets trolled again for wearing a revealing dress, ‘does not wear a bra’

Wais Raheenge Hum to Bhai Jaise Hai…. This song is perfect for Javed, the fashion designer. Orphie wore the same clothes that she likes despite being a frequent target of the hunt for wearing sexy dresses. Urfi fans love her excellent style as well as her stunning looks.

Orphy Javed

Orphy Javed

Urfi has once again turned up the internet temperature with its new photos. Urfi Javed appears in footage from his latest photoshoot wearing a dupatta and corset.

The Orphie costume has also puzzled fans, as it has in the past. The Orfi dress appears to have the pink and orange dupatta individually wrapped with a corset. Otherwise, only Urfi can explain her outfit.

With this gown, Orvi created a ponytail with a front puff in her hair. Urfi looks beautiful in bright pink blush, nu*de lipstick, and eyeliner. Earloops have been added to the Orphie Band.

Once the photos of the actress in her new look were posted, they went viral. Various user reactions to Urfi’s appearance can be detected. Some people think Urfi’s appearance is charming, while others make fun of Urfi again.

Seeing Orvi’s photos, she appears to be not wearing a bra with the outfit, leading the user to taunt her and write, “She’s not wearing a bra.”

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On the other hand, another user mocked Orphie’s appearance, writing, “Why is this rope tied?” Ranveer Singh wrote with chicks, another user.

At the same time, other followers of Urfi appreciate her appearance. Some tell them they’re adorable, while others express their affection with a heart emoji. Users can now mock or appreciate Urfi, depending on his appearance. One thing is for sure: the actress knows how to keep herself in the spotlight.